How Do I Choose the Best Hip Bath?

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A hip bath is a bath taken in a small, plastic tub with the water covering only the hips and thighs. The feet are usually planted on the ground outside the tub, and the water usually only rises to the bellybutton. You can take cold, hot, or neutral hip baths with a variety of things added to the water. The kind of bath you choose is mostly dependent on what condition you intend to treat. In any case, you should always speak to a doctor before treating yourself with a hip bath. Taking one the wrong way could cause digestive upset, abdominal discomfort, or a weakened immune system.

A cold hip bath is usually taken to aid indigestion, jump-start the metabolism, or reduce inflammation. It may also be useful in treating things like yeast infections and low fertility. For instance, since heat may lower a man’s sperm count, a cold bath may stimulate sperm production. These baths are best taken by younger men and women because their bodies often warm quickly and easily. If you choose to take a cold hip bath, the water should be cool, not icy cold. You should also treat the water only with items your doctor suggests but often the temperature is the main part of the treatment.


A neutral hip bath is usually used to relax a patient or to relieve abdominal conditions in those unable to soak in very cool or warm water. Soaking the hips and abdomen in water seems to aid digestion and sexual function in most patients, however, the temperature of the water often depends on each individual. If temperature changes shock you easily, or you have trouble regulating your body temperature, a neutral bath may be your best option.

A hot hip bath is one of the most popular treatments for ailments around and below the waist. Muscle pain, vaginal and anal infections, menstrual cramps, and bladder infections may all be treated by hot hip baths. Many people like to add dried daikon greens and sea salt to these baths to help draw toxins out of the body. Some even take hip baths when they’re trying to lose weight as improved digestion is thought to help the body process waste more easily.

When you’re taking your chosen bath, you should gently dampen the area from right below your bellybutton to the tops of your thighs with a wet washcloth. You should then drink a glass of tepid water to keep your body at an even temperature. The first hip bath should only last a minute or two, and you may add one minute each day until you’ve reached a maximum of about 20 to 30 minutes. After you’re done, gently dry yourself and put on warm clothes, if you’ve taken a cold hip bath. For neutral or warm baths, take a cool shower to return your body to its normal temperature.


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