How Do I Choose the Best Highlighting Kits?

Kathleen Howard

To choose the best at-home highlighting kit, select a kit according to your hair color, the length of your hair, and the application method you are most comfortable using. In order to successfully highlight your hair, you must choose a kit with enough lifting power to create the color you want. Highlighting kits also come with several different applicators, including caps, combs, and finger tools. Many people find that caps are easiest to use on short hair, while combs and finger tools work well on longer strands. To ensure that you have all the tools you need, you might also want to select highlight kits that come with other necessities, like gloves and conditioning treatments.

Highlighting kits may be used to provide highlights for light or dark hair.
Highlighting kits may be used to provide highlights for light or dark hair.

While shopping for highlighting kits, it is important to choose one designed to work with your hair color. If you will be highlighting dark hair, you need a kit that is capable of lifting several levels of color. Look for kits that will help you create caramel, dark blond or medium blond highlights. For highlighting light hair, look for kits that will develop into a medium, light or platinum blond. Examine a product’s packaging for examples of what to expect from the product.

Kits with combs and finger tools are usually more convenient for longer hair.
Kits with combs and finger tools are usually more convenient for longer hair.

It is also important to choose a highlighting kit based on its application method. Many highlighting kits contain plastic caps and metal hooking tools that are used to pull thin strands of hair from the cap. Most people find that these caps are easiest to use on hair that is shoulder length and shorter. If you have longer hair, you might want to choose another type of kit. Long hair sometimes becomes tangled and difficult to manage when being pulled through a cap.

Highlighting kits also frequently come with comb or brush-like applicators. To use one of these applicators, you place a small amount of bleach on the brush and paint it through the hair. Some applicators create one highlight at a time, while others create several streaks at a time. If you have medium to long hair, you might want to choose a kit that comes with a comb-like applicator. In the event that you would rather not use a highlighting cap, these applicators can also be used on short hair.

The last common type of applicator is a finger applicator. These applicators look like rubber sleeves that are placed on the finger. On the tip of the finger will be several bristles that are used to hold and apply the hair bleach. While anyone can use a finger applicator, these tools are typically used to place highlights in medium to long hair.

In addition to bleach and applicators, many highlighting kits also contain gloves, mixing supplies and conditioning treatments. Since bleach is irritating, you will need to wear gloves during the highlighting process. You will also need a small container to hold the hair bleach and a conditioning treatment to restore moisture after highlighting. To choose the best highlighting kits, look for those that contain all the tools you need to create attractive hair highlights.

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