How do I Choose the Best Hidden Antenna?

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If you are looking for a hidden antenna, it is best to choose one that will give you the same quality reception that regular, unhidden antennas offer. Your first consideration should be that the hidden antenna will provide you with quality reception without it visually sticking out. The more compact the hidden antenna is, the better it can be stashed away inside your vehicle or your house. You should also make sure that it can be mounted or installed securely. Another important consideration is your budget for this particular purchase.

The best hidden antennas are generally those that can give you the same reception as that of regular antennas with a mast. It should be able to give you quality reception even if it's hidden behind several walls, cabinets, or different types of containers. For a hidden car antenna, the antenna should be easy to install anywhere inside the vehicle. Because vehicles are composed mostly of metal, the best hidden antenna should be able to give you quality reception even if it's encased in metal.

You can also consider purchasing the most compact hidden antenna you can find, preferably one with a very sleek design. This way, even if it is visible, it still keeps your installation area looking clean and orderly. Think also about your installation area. It should let the antenna have an easy connection to your TV or radio to minimize the amount of antenna wire that may also be visible.


The ability of a hidden antenna to be fastened or mounted securely is a very important feature, especially if you are installing it in your vehicle. Your vehicle will be moving about regularly and it may cause strain on your hidden antenna's connection to its installation surface. It may be beneficial to get one that will securely mount on any surface, whether it's glass or plastic. It should also be able to withstand heat.

Other than clear reception, secure installation and a sleek design, it would also be better if the hidden antenna has other features such as the ability to be installed in different positions. Its look and design should be compatible with most surfaces, like glass, wood, or metal. The reason for this is you may want to use your antenna in different vehicles or areas in your house.

Buying an antenna that fits your budget is sometimes tricky. When you know the specifications of the antenna that you want, however, you can often make the right choice. You may also ask for expert opinions from antenna specialists regarding your specific antenna needs.


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