How do I Choose the Best Herbal Detox Tea?

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The choice of the best herbal detox tea should be based on the specific type of body cleansing you would like to achieve, such as a colon detox or a liver detox. You should, therefore, be informed of the various effects that herbs have on the body and under what circumstances they are most effective. It also is advisable to personally choose individual herbs to serve as the best detox tea for you or as one ingredient in a herbal combination that will detoxify the entire body or a targeted organ.

Three important properties of medicinal plants with which you should be familiar when deciding on the best herbal detox tea include laxative, diaphoretic and blood purifying properties. Laxatives, sometimes called purgatives, stimulate the bowel and often are necessary to effectuate a colon cleanse. Among the medicinal plants known for their laxative properties are senna and cascara sagrada, and you can make a herbal detox tea with either of them if this is the benefit you desire.


Diaphoretics are herbs that promote perspiration and can be used to prepare an herbal detox tea that assists in a general cleanse of the entire body, because sweating is a vital function involved in the removal of toxins from the bloodstream. If you want this type of detox tea, you can make it using hyssop, peppermint or yarrow flowers, all of which have diaphoretic properties. Teas made with these herbs should be consumed while they are hot and while you have an empty stomach.

Blood purifiers include the root of the yellow dock plant, dandelion and burdock root and the leaves of chickweed. You can use yellow dock as an herbal detox tea prepared as a decoction, but dandelion root, burdock root and chickweed leaves are most effective when combined. A decoction is made of the root material, and an infusion is made of the leaves. The two are then mixed and consumed. These herbs are rich in organic vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that help to purify the blood by supplying it with the substances needed to produce healthy blood cells that nourish every tissue.

It also is important to know which herbs are especially beneficial in cleansing specific organs. For example, dandelion root nourishes and helps to achieve a liver detox, and burdock root is beneficial for a kidney detox. Both herbs also are very nourishing to the skin, which is an eliminative organ that must function properly regardless of what type of detox you are carrying out.

Keep in mind that some herbs, while they might have the properties you seek, should be considered carefully. For example, the medicinal plant blessed thistle helps to induce sweating. Males probably should avoid drinking blessed thistle infusion, though, because of the presence of female hormones in it.


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