How do I Choose the Best Hepatitis Support Group?

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Being diagnosed with hepatitis can be quite difficult. Finding a quality support group to work through the challenges associated with the disease, however, can make the condition a little less daunting. When looking for a hepatitis support group, individuals diagnosed with the condition should start by looking for a group that is specialized for the specific strain of hepatitis with which they have been diagnosed. In addition, individuals with hepatitis should look for a support group that has been in operation for a significant period of time, offers high amounts of quality education, and which fits within the time constraints of the potential support group participant.

Those who are looking for the best hepatitis support group should first look for one that actively recruits participants who have been diagnosed with the same the hepatic condition. There are a number of various types of hepatitis, and while an individual may see some benefits from attending a generalized support group, those which are specifically targeted to the condition in question appear to be best. In many cases, the physician or medical team of a person diagnosed with a particular strain of hepatitis should be able to provide some guidance when searching for an individualized hepatitis support group.


Next, when looking for a support group, those who have been diagnosed with hepatitis should look for a group that has been in operation for a significant period of time, and which provides on-going education to its participants. Typically, the best hepatitis support groups are those that have been running for at least two to three years. It is important to remember that program length should not be the sole determinant, however, as patient satisfaction scores and return rates can also say much about the quality of a program. Educational topics discussed in the hepatitis support group should not only include forms of treatment for the condition, but also information regarding how to prevent further deterioration, nutritional guidelines for those with hepatitis, and so on.

Individuals looking for a hepatitis support group should find one that fits within their time constrains. While some support groups may only meet once a month, others may meet up to once or twice a week. It is up to the individual suffering from hepatitis to determine an ideal meeting frequency. While there is not one perfect choice when it comes to how often meetings occur, those that meet at least twice per month appear to provide the best results to participants. Those with lower meeting frequencies often see a decrease in the rate of attendance, as well as lower satisfaction scores.


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