How do I Choose the Best Heavy Duty Folding Chair?

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A traditional heavy duty folding chair may be built from metal and be a heavier weight than a heavy duty folding chair designed as a camp chair or beach chair, which uses strong but lighter weight materials. Choosing the best heavy duty folding chair is a matter of first deciding what you will be using the chair for, and then how durable it must be. If, for example, you will be moving the chair often, storing it, packing it in a car, and using it at the beach or for picnics, you may want to consider a heavy duty camp chair. If the chair will stay in the same room or building and will be used for events or functions, a metal folding chair will probably be the best option.

Folding chairs can be built from a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, plastic, and even nylon, polyester, or canvas. The purpose for which the chair will be used will dictate which material is best. An aluminum or steel heavy duty folding chair will be a good choice for functions and events at a specific location, provided that location has space to store the chairs when they are not in use. To save money, one might consider using a plastic folding chair instead of a metal one; this is feasible for most applications, but keep in mind that plastic will not be as long lasting and stable as a metal chair will be.


Metal folding chairs do not have to be uncomfortable, either. Some heavy duty folding chair models made from aluminum or steel can feature upholstery that is padded for comfort. The upholstery is fastened securely to both the back and seat of the chair, thereby enhancing the comfort of the chair without adding too much weight. Plastic chairs can also feature such padding, but again, plastic is not as durable as metal will be; plastic is, however, a good choice for a heavy duty folding chair that will be used for outdoor events. Plastic will not rust or corrode like certain metals can, so it is an appropriate choice for outdoor applications.

Camping chairs are usually made from a water-resistant material mounted on a lightweight frame. Heavy duty folding chair models meant for camping are also available and feature thicker frames made from aluminum. These chairs will not fold up as compact as other camping chairs might, but the frame is thicker and provides more stability and strength. These chairs make great backyard chairs because they are generally weather-resistant, and they work well at the beach, at the park, or even at sporting events.


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