How do I Choose the Best Hearing Aid Compatible Phone?

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Choosing the best hearing aid compatible (HAC) phone can involve contacting both your hearing aid manufacturer and your phone service provider. HAC phones depend on the hearing aid itself having a telephone switch (T-switch). If your hearing aid lacks this feature, then having the functionality in your phone will do no good. Not all hearing aids and phones are compatible, either. Your phone service provider and hearing aid manufacturer will typically be able to provide you with lists you can cross reference to determine the best hearing aid compatible phone.

Using a cellular phone can be a frustrating experience for the hearing impaired. Many phones and hearing aids interact poorly, resulting in loud feedback from the hearing aid. In order to avoid this feedback, you may obtain a hearing aid that contains a telephone switch. This feature is activated by proximity to a hearing aid compatible phone. Some phones do not work well with some hearing aids, so it can be a good idea to contact the providers of both products when making a choice.


When examining a list of hearing aid compatible phones, choosing the best one can involve many of the same questions anyone else might ask. HAC phones are typically available in a wide variety of styles. An inexpensive hearing aid compatible phone that lacks advanced features may be an attractive choice if all you need to do is make and receive calls. If you need to send email or access the Internet, you may be interested in a hearing aid compatible phone that can perform those functions. Some HAC phones also include business and enterprise features, so you typically do not face many limitations when making your choice.

If you purchase a hearing aid with a T-switch and a hearing aid compatible phone but still experience feedback or other issues, there may be accessories that can improve your experience. One particular product can be worn around your neck and may be available at a low cost or even for free through various government programs. These accessories do depend on your hearing aid having a telephone switch and your phone being hearing aid compatible, so it is still important to verify both of these features when making your choice. Each HAC phone will typically have one or more ratings associated with it that may assist you in choosing one that will work with your particular hearing aid.


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