How do I Choose the Best Headboard with Storage?

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To choose the best headboard with storage, it is important to consider the kinds of items that will be stored in the headboard, how much storage is desired, and the potential size of the headboard. The size of the headboard will determine the storage capacity. It is important to measure both the height and depth of a headboard with storage when shopping. The kind of storage spaces within the headboard will determine what kinds of items can be stored within the headboard. Cubbies and long shelves are ideal for books and knick knacks, while drawers are ideal for smaller loose items.

It is common for a headboard with storage to come with cubbies of various sizes as well as drawers all in one headboard. This offers the owner multiple kinds of storage, which is useful for someone who is looking to store multiple kinds of items in their headboards. Some people prefer to use a headboard with storage to store only books. For these people, there are headboards that contain simply one long shelf and nothing more. There are also models for children's rooms that can hold toys.


The height of a headboard with storage is an important factor. There are some headboards that are quite tall and resemble bookshelves in terms of the amount of storage that they offer. This kind of headboard is ideal for someone who is looking for maximum storage capacity and does not mind a rather tall headboard. For someone who is looking for a headboard with storage to store just a few items, a lower headboard of a more standard design will probably suffice.

There are some modern headboard designs that offer storage on the sides of the headboard instead of on the front. These are usually deep cubbies that are good for large books such as art and photography books. This kind of headboard with storage is useful for items that will not necessarily be accessed while the owners are in bed. A headboard with storage that is accessible from the front, on the other hand, offers the owner to access stored items easily. Some people even use this kind of headboard with storage instead of a night stand, using it to hold items like reading glasses, a box of tissues, and or a glass of water.


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