How do I Choose the Best HCG Diet Recipes?

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Most HCG diet recipes feature simple, whole food ingredients that offer proper nutrition with very little calorie intake. The best ones use nutrient-dense foods like egg whites, raw vegetables and fruits as well as lean chicken to keep the caloric levels low. These ingredients can be used to make anything from low-calorie breakfasts to nutrient-rich dinners, while at the same time keeping your energy level high. Although the severe calorie restriction promoted with this diet can seem quite limiting, the best HCG diet recipes offer nutritious and delicious dishes to get you through the deprivation phrases.

In the calorie deprivation phase of the HCG diet, it is recommended that an individual eat only 500 calories a day, while still choosing healthy options that promote health and weight loss. Many HCG diet recipes include the use of egg white in place of a whole egg, as it provides the same nutrients, such as protein, with very little calories. HCG diet recipes that use egg whites do so in low-calorie muffins or cakes, or even scrambled eggs. Raw vegetables like spinach and onions can be placed into egg whites for a low-calorie breakfast omelet.


Many HCG diet recipes call for an individual to eat many vegetables throughout the low-calorie phase of the diet, as vegetables provide an ample amount of nutrition with very little effect on blood sugar levels. Most individuals eat salads with low-calorie dressings such as vinegar and salt. Adding too many fats, even good fats, are not recommended, as they can increase the calorie levels and be much harder to digest. Small berries are the most recommended fruit, as they contain less sugar and calories, and many HCG diet recipes, such as fruit salads or smoothies, call for berries as the primary fruit.

No-calorie natural sweeteners, such as stevia, are called for in many HCG diet recipes in order to avoid the calories from sugar. Not only does regular sugar provide more calories, it also interferes with proper blood sugar regulation, something that needs to be maintained during the HCG diet. Recipes in the HCG diet often call for stevia, such as in smoothies, drinks and baked goods. Other no-calorie chemical sweeteners are also allowed on the diet, however, most HCG practitioners recommend natural alternatives.


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