How Do I Choose the Best Hats for Kids?

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The best hat for kids depends on its intended purpose. Winter hats, fashion hats, and baseball hats are common options available for both children and adults alike. Warm winter hats are typically designed to keep the child’s head protected from the cold. Fashion hats are worn primarily for their look, but they can also sometimes keep the head and ears warm. Baseball caps and sun hats help keep the sun out of a child’s eyes and may help to prevent sunburn on the face and neck.

A winter hat might be necessary depending on the weather in your area. Some winter hats have ear flaps that naturally fall over a child’s ears to keep them warm. A winter hat is often made out of a warm material like wool or thick yarn for insulation. Tuques, balaclavas, and chullos are various kinds of winter hats which go in and out of style throughout the years. Make sure to have the child try on the hat before purchasing it to verify the fit.


Baseball caps are hats with stiff brims that protect a child’s eyes from the sun. They usually have a sports team or other company logo, but sometimes they are plain. Baseball hats for kids come in smaller sizes than the same hats for adults, in addition to typically having a band to tighten the cap. There are also other sun hats available, such as sombrero-like hats for kids that also help prevent sunburn. If your child has fair skin and spends a lot of time in the sun, a baseball cap or other sun hat might be right for him or her.

Berets, fedoras, and dress hats are generally classified as fashion hats. Fashion hats for kids may not be used as often as functional ones, but a good fashion hat on a child can make them stand out in photographs and on special occasions. There are many different kinds of fashion hats, with thousands of designs, so finding the perfect fashion hats for kids can be a time-consuming task.

While choosing the best hats for kids can be a rewarding experience, remember that older children might not be able to wear them to school due to school policies. In addition, some people consider wearing a hat indoors, no matter the wearer’s age, to be rude. Infants and toddlers are sometimes the exception to these rules due to their age and need for warmth.


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Post 3

One of the things that I do when I need to get my kids new hats is go through photos online and let them choose the hat styles that they like the most. I have found that shopping online for things like kids accessories is a great way to save cash. You can get some really great deals on online auction sites.

There are also some sites that offer handmade knit hats which I really like. Even if my kids don't pick something more traditional I usually end up buying something for myself. We all need to treat ourselves once in awhile.

Post 2

@Sara007 - One of the easiest things you can do to keep your kid's hats on their heads if buy ones they'll miss if they're gone. For my son I got him a winter hat with the logo of his favorite sports team on it. He loves that hat and really keeps an eye on it when he is playing.

For my daughter I ended up buying her a really cute winter hat that replicated the look of one her favorite star is wearing. I suppose that kids are just like anyone else. You have to take their tastes into consideration if you want to keep them in something.

Post 1

My kids are really active and I am wondering what kind of hats are the best for playing outside in the winter?

I want something that will actually stay on their heads. The hats I have been buying so far seem to fall off their heads way to easily, and they are always losing what I give them. I usually just buy beanies and have tried the toques with the ties down the side. My kids don't like those though, as they think it makes them look like babies. It can be so hard dealing with kids sometimes, but they do need something to keep them warm.

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