How Do I Choose the Best Hats for Girls?

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Hats are manufactured in a nearly endless variety of styles and materials, so when choosing hats for girls, consider the girl's age, her style, and where she will likely wear her hats. Hats for girls may be worn as a fashion accessory or for warmth during cold weather. If you're buying a hat for winter wear, knit or wool hats generally provide the most warmth. You should also choose girls' hats that coordinate with the child's existing wardrobe. Hats for girls can also be personalized with a phrase or the child's name.

If you are buying hats for girls younger than two, browse through baby boutiques. For convenience shopping, you can find these boutiques online. Look for feminine designs with lace or pretty flower appliques, which are popular for infant and toddler girls. Pink or white are good choices because most little girls have these colors in their wardrobes.

When buying hats for girls, it's practical to include hats for all seasons. In addition to winter hats, choose a sun hat for infants and toddlers. Those made of lightweight cotton are best, as they provide moisture control and protection from the sun. Sun hats for girls are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and some include removable hair clips.


Whatever style you select, choose hats that suit the personality of the child who will wear them. If the girl participates in sports such as softball, you might consider buying her a few baseball caps with feminine styling. If you wish, you can have these caps embroidered with a special design or personalized with the child's name or initials.

Consider the shape of the child's face before selecting a hat. Hats for girls who wear bangs might look best in beret style hats. You'll find berets available in many fashionable styles to coordinate with your little girl's wardrobe. Knit caps look good on girls with small features. Older girls with oblong faces look stylish in over-sized or floppy hats. It's best to have a child try on several styles to determine which hats suit her best.

Making homemade knit hats can be a fun craft project for you and your child to participate in together. By designing the hat yourself, you have the option of choosing the materials, patterns, and colors. Get creative and add fun embellishments, such as buttons, beads, and pearls. Consider a rolled brim as a final touch.


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Post 3

@Sara007 - It sounds like your daughter may be using the itchiness as an excuse to keep her head uncovered. My kid used to do this too, even when I purchased something that was silk lined and definitely wouldn't cause discomfort.

What I did to get my daughter in hats was take her to a store that sold all sorts of those ultra cute animal head hats. She loves bears and cats so I was able to get her into an adorable hat with ears and a little kitty face. She loves that hat and doesn't complain the least about it being itchy. I think you may need to go for the fashion angle to keep your kid warm.

Post 2

Can anyone suggest a really cute style of hat for a six-year-old girl?

My daughter usually doesn't wear hat and will take them off complaining that they make her itchy. The weather here in the winter can be really harsh and I want to make sure her head is covered when she goes outside to play.

Are there any fabrics that aren't so scratchy?

I have tried her on wool, a cotton fabric and fleece so far and she really hates them. I suppose part of it is just that she doesn't like having things touching her head, so I am not sure what to do.

Post 1

I absolutely love the beanie winter hats for girls whenever it starts to get cold. I think if you find one with the right amount of slouch to it the look is really stylish and modern. If you want to go cute, you can always choose one that has a cute pom-pom on the top.

I think one of the best things to try is beanie hats that have a more open knit to them. I know for myself that my head usually gets overheated if I wear a hat making it uncomfortable. With the open knit you get nice gaps in the hat that let more air flow through. You'll probably have to try a few hats before you find one that is perfect.

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