How Do I Choose the Best Hardwood Floor Casters?

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When choosing hardwood floor casters, be certain the casters will be the appropriate size for the furniture with which they'll be used. Most chair casters will be a standard size, but if your furniture is custom made or not traditional in size, you might need to have custom made casters. Be sure the casters are made from a polyurethane material to offer the best protection for your hardwood floors. Also, consider choosing hardwood floor casters that offer easy snap-on installation.

While you want to protect your hardwood floors from being scratched or torn, you need to choose hardwood floor casters that are safe. Check the labeling to confirm the floor casters are safety tested, or your new casters could cause an accident. Casters that have been safety tested should indicate there is less chance of slipping or breakage.

The material used for the hardwood floor casters needs to provide excellent traction. Ask if there is a display model chair that has the casters installed, and test it out. Sit perfectly still to be sure there is no sliding or slipping. Next, as you sit in the chair, move it forward and backward, testing for traction control.


Choose hardwood floor casters that match. Replace all old casters at once and never mix different types. Doing so could be unsafe, as the furniture may not be level.

Be sure the casters you choose are capable of supporting the weight of the people who use the furniture. Look for casters capable of supporting more than 350 pounds (158 kg). This should indicate they are well built and sturdy. Another thing to consider is ball-wheel casters rather than the single wheel variety, as these will offer better mobility and smoother movement.

Even with proper research and knowledge, you might need to return your floor casters for an exchange or refund. This is why it is important to ask the store or company where you purchase them if you can receive a full refund if you are not satisfied. A 60-day refund should give you ample time to decide if you've chosen the best hardwood floor casters for your needs.


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