How do I Choose the Best Hanging Shoe Organizer?

Patti Kate

To choose the best hanging shoe organizer, choose one that has minimal or no assembly and requires no tools to put together. You can decide from shoe organizers that hang on the closet rod or one that attaches over the door. If you prefer extra protection from dust, choose a hanging shoe organizer that has a zippered enclosure.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

You'll need your hanging shoe organizer to have some type of reinforcement. A heavy duty cardboard that lies beneath the canvas should be sufficient for this. Metal lining may be adequate as well, but avoid plastic, as this generally will not hold up well under the weight of the shoes.

Consider the material used for the hanging shoe organizer. Canvas may be sturdy, but lightweight cotton may begin to sag after a period of time. The shelves or pockets of the organizer should be well spaced, which will be particularly handy for storing ladies' high-heeled shoes.

If you decide on a closet hanging shoe organizer, look for metal hooks that will offer substantial support. Plastic hooks should be avoided, as these may warp over time. Plastic may not be as durable as metal hooks and may snap or break under pressure.

For using your hanging shoe organizer in a room with limited space, consider an over-the-door style. These types will not use any of your closet space, and allow easy view of your entire shoe collection. Be sure to measure the length and width of your door, so you'll be certain the hanging shoe organizer will fit nicely.

You'll also want to be sure the pockets of the hanging shoe organizer are wide enough to accommodate your shoes. This may be important for large shoes. Also, large pockets may be handy for storing miscellaneous household items as well as shoes.

Some hanging shoe organizers made for the closet may rotate. This makes it easy to view from any angle. If you need to store other accessories such as socks, look for a shoe organizer that has side pockets.

If you are buying a hanging shoe organizer for a young child, be sure the pockets are low enough for him to reach. This may mean fewer pockets and a more compact size, however. Some of the kids' hanging shoe organizers may double for toy storage. This type of organizer will typically have shelves rather than pockets. You might want to consider an organizer that is labeled with the days of the week, to encourage a child who has begun to read.

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@talentryto- You need a hanging shoe organizer that attaches with Velcro. Though this may not sound like it would hold, you would be surprised at how durable this type of fastener is on a shoe organizer.

I bought several canvas shoe organizers that have Velcro straps that wrap around the closet rod. I thought they would come loose over time, but they were inexpensive so I bought them anyway. Once I put them on my closet rod, I have never had any trouble with them coming unattached, no matter how many shoes I store in them.


I need a shoe organizer that will hang over the rod in my closet and last. I had one that went over the rod with a hook, but over time and with the weight of the shoes, it tore away from the material. Is there a better type of hanging shoe organizer that will not beak from usage?


You do not have to spend a lot of money on a hanging shoe organizer that works well and gets everything in your closet in place. I purchased several from a retail store years ago that only cost a few dollars each, and they continue to do the job.

Though these cheap shoe organizers are not made of the best material, they have lasted. I have never had any issues with damage to them, and they work perfectly to this day.

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