How Do I Choose the Best Hanging Plant Stand?

Dan Cavallari

To begin choosing the best hanging plant stand for your home or office, determine how many plants you need to hang, how much weight the stand will need to support, what kind of aesthetic you are looking for, and how much you are willing to spend on the unit. Consider, too, whether the chains and supports for holding the plants are included with the hanging plant stand. The criteria for choosing a stand for outdoor use may also be different than the criteria for an indoor stand, since an outdoor stand will need to be water-resistant or waterproof.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Once you have determined what size of hanging plant stand you will need, consider what kind of materials you want the stand to be made from. Metal and wood are the most common materials, though certain types of plastic can be used as well. Metal stands are durable and affordable, and they will be very likely to support the weight of several plants at once. If the metal hanging plant stand will be used outdoors, however, it will need to be coated or otherwise treated to resist water damage from the elements. Some metals, such as certain types of steel and aluminum, are resistant to rust and rot, making them good choices for such a stand. Iron is highly attractive, but it can be susceptible to rust and will therefore require more maintenance than other materials.

A wood hanging plant stand can be exceptionally attractive and sturdy, but like metal, the wood will need to be treated to resist water or weather damage. Consider the different types of wood available, as different woods will have differing levels of resistance to damage as well as different visual presentations. Plastic stands are not as sturdy as wood or metal stands, but they are usually the most affordable options. They are also reasonably attractive, though they may not fit with the decor of certain rooms or spaces.

Regardless of the materials used to construct the hanging plant stand, be sure to choose a stand that is stable and durable. Some plants can be quite heavy, especially when placed in soil, so the stand will need to be well balanced and stable, even in windy conditions or if it is bumped accidentally or otherwise struck. The design of the stand can vary, which means the visual appeal of the stand can vary as well, so if you find a style of stand you like, be sure to test it for stability before purchasing.

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