How do I Choose the Best Hanger Organizer?

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A hanger organizer is a product designed for the storage of hangers normall used to hang clothes, thereby preventing them from wrinkling. In order to choose the best hanger organizer, it can be necessary to consider the various uses of organizers and decide which one best fits your needs. Also important can be the cost, the quality, and perhaps the style or look of the organizer.

A hanger organizer normally has one of two different primary uses, each of which are designed to allow consumers to have more free space in their homes. Some organizers are meant to store hangers that are not being used. These can be devices that allow consumers to stack the hangers on top of one another. A common use for this kind of organizer involves storage in a laundry room so that an individual can remove a hanger from the organizer to hang articles of clothing that he or she is removing from a washer or dryer.

Another common use for a hanger organizer is to free up closet space. These organizers may be hung on the inside of closet doors or from conventional hanger racks. This kind of hanger organizer allows users to hang a greater number of articles of clothing in their closets and may also allow them to organize their clothes in a particular order, corresponding to factors such as days on which the clothes can be worn or color or style of the clothes.


The prices of hanger organizers tend to vary. Factors that affect prices are the quality of the organizer, the retailer, the manufacturer, and the method by which the organizer is purchased, such as on the Internet or in a retail store. Many consumers believe that the best hanger organizer is one that costs the least amount of money, but which also is the most durable and which helps them to create the most space in their homes for the storage of clothing.

Quality among hanger organizers also varies. Those who are interested in creating more closet space may choose an organizer that allows them to hang the greatest amount of articles of clothing. Others who are interested in stacking hangers in a laundry room may be more interested in an organizer that makes hangers more accessible and which can allow the stacking of the greatest number of hangers. In either case, durability is a factor to consider.

Many consumers prefer a hanger organizer that fits the look of the their home. Most often, this is a matter of choosing an organizer that is in a color that complements the style of a room. For others, the best organizer is one that can be stored without drawing attention to itself. These tend to be white or gray or in another neutral color.


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