How do I Choose the Best Hand Warmer?

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The world of personal heating products has come a long way from the days of the hot pad and the hot water bottle. Advances in technology have made it possible to access heat virtually anywhere during nearly any activity. One of the most popular advances in personal heating technology is the hand warmer, a small device that can provide on-the-go access to heat for hands, feet, or other sensitive areas.

It can be difficult to choose a hand warmer, but consumers should bear in mind the circumstances in which they will be using one. An individual who is out on a long hike, for example, may benefit most from chemical warmers. They are often disposable, and heat is created from one or more chemical reactions between ingredients contained within them.

Another viable option for those on the go are products that are powered by lighter fluid or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). These models are refillable and provide hours of heat to cold body parts. Most folks who opt for this type do so because of environmental concerns; a reusable product creates less waste than its disposable counterpart.


One of the more high-tech options available are hand warmers that connect to a computer via a USB slot. They come in a couple of different forms, the most popular two being mitten-shaped ones and one that is merely a heated cylinder that the user can grasp for instant warmth. Both forms work by converting energy output from the USB slot to give a slight feeling of warmth to chilly fingers.

A readily available, no-frills option is the battery-operated warming device, which uses disposable or rechargeable batteries. Those with disposable batteries are usually less costly, but produce more waste. Rechargeable ones work much like a cell phone: just plug it in and wait for it to charge.

It should be noted that using any type of warmer incorrectly may cause serious burns or other injuries. Hand warmers should not be left unattended at any point. It is important to always consult the manufacturer's safety instructions prior to using any of the products. Consult a medical professional if accidental injury occurs.


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Post 9

I bought the Senses hand warmer from my local Rite Aid store and have been using it for the second year. I absolutely love it.

It's safe and effective at the same time. If its sold out in stores you might want to grab yours online.

Post 7

I am a profession skier and I have been using the Senses Hand Warmer and simply love it.

I bought it from Rite Aid but if its out of stock you might want to grab one from as its always almost sold out.

On Amazon, Just search for "Senses Rechargeable Portable/Handheld Easy to Use Hand Warmer"

Enjoy :)

Post 4

BrickBack-I know that you can buy hand warmers on Amazon and many drug stores carry electric hand warmers as well as hand warmer gloves.

Post 3

Dental Floss- That is a good idea. You know that they have hand warmer packs that contain beads in them that activate the heat by friction. When you rub your hands together it actually warms the glove.

I think that having a glove hand warmer is really a great idea especially for people that ski or fish and will be outdoors for a prolonged period of time.

I also know that they can make driving a bit more comfortable as well. My husband’s car has an automatic seat warmer so when the temperature dips below a certain amount the car automatically goes into heating mode and keeps your body warm. It is really nice especially on a really cold day.

Post 2

I tend to prefer old-fashioned approaches, like microwaveable hand warmers or heating pads and hot water bottles. While not as good for things like hikes or other travel-related circumstances, these work best if you are simply sitting in a cold house and don't want to turn up the whole building's heater. For things like long walks, or sitting at long sporting events in the cold, I do like disposable hand warmers, or another option often available- hot tea.

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