How do I Choose the Best Hand Held Shower Head?

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It can be a difficult thing choosing the best hand held shower head because there are so many of them on the market. Some of the features available include wall mounting, so the head can be used in a standing position, water filters, which may reduce chemicals and metals in the water, and different finishes like chrome or plastic. Other choices are number of settings and ways to adjust water pressure.

It can be difficult to shopping for a hand held shower head, since almost any brand out there will claim it is the “best.” Thus it’s first important to determine what is required prior to shopping and to do some research to find a good brand and model. Determining what to buy should partly depend on the features that you want. You may want to consider if the shower head needs a filter, what finish is a good match with the bathroom, and if the shower head should be mounted.

Once you determine what features you want, it’s time to do some shopping and research. Some of the best places to look for a wide selection include places online that offer customer reviews. These customer opinions do require some judgment to determine which ones seem most accurate, but it may be possible to determine if people are reporting significant problems with a certain model, which can eliminate it from your list of possible choices.


Another way to determine which hand held shower head may be best is to subscribe to magazines or websites that do their own reviews. Some publications perform independent tests and research on lots of products to determine which ones they think are best. Sometimes the information received on these tests is dated by a few years, but reading any research available may help narrow search.

Knowledgeable salespeople, especially those who don’t work on commission, can also be a good resource when looking for the best appliances, and many people who install bathroom fixtures may have significant preference too. Head out to local home improvement stores or trusted hardware stores and do some asking, as a way of determining which hand held shower head is most preferred or considered best by people who sell them all the time.

Lastly, reading product information on each type can tell people how sincerely a company backs up their product. Find out if the shower head has a warranty and how long it is for. Can you get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the way it works? This information may be available right on the box, and it can be useful in choosing which one to buy.


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It would also be a good idea to look at how easily the shower head can be cleaned if it gets clogged with mineral deposits, a problems that can happen to pretty much any water fixture and really make it difficult to use.

Post 1

I would recommend a shower head that has a mounting hook. Sometimes it is just much easier to use the shower head mounted, and if you ever have guests using it, they might prefer being able to leave it mounted on the wall as well.

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