How do I Choose the Best Hallway Wallpaper?

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To choose the best hallway wallpaper, you will need to consider more than just how it will look in a hallway. Because a hallway can typically be viewed from at least two rooms, maybe more, you will need to take into consideration the colors and wall coverings used in those rooms as well, because you do not want the wallpaper to clash. Fortunately, it is usually pretty easy to apply hallway wallpaper, so it is relatively simple to change if you do not like how it looks. Some wallpaper may be applied with simply a peel and stick backing, while others will need to be wet with a sponge for application.

Begin by considering whether you want a certain pattern of wallpaper, or specific images on the wallpaper, or a solid color. In addition, consider whether you want a wallpaper border, to just wallpaper half the wall, or to apply wallpaper to the entire wall. Any method can look nice, and it is purely a matter of personal preference. In a smaller, darker hallway, you may choose to only apply a wallpaper border or to just wallpaper half the wall, to avoid making the space seemed cramped; in a larger, brighter hallway, however, you can apply hallway wallpaper from floor to ceiling.


Another important consideration when choosing hallway wallpaper is the paint and wallpaper colors in the adjoining rooms. It is important that the hallway wallpaper coordinates with the rest of the areas that can be seen from the hallway. The colors and patterns used do not necessarily have to match, but they should at least complement each other, or remain in the same color family. For example, earth tones all look nice together, or muted colors. If nothing else, choose a neutral color for hallway wallpaper such as cream or beige.

Since a hallway is such a limited space, it is possible to get a little more creative, or purchase some high quality, more expensive wallpaper. Most wallpaper is flat, but you may be able to find pattern wallpaper that is raised up from the wall, which can look very interesting. This may be referred to as embossed or textured wallpaper, and can give a unique look to a room or hallway; it can sometimes be painted as well. Fun patterns or bright colors that may be overwhelming in a larger space can look nice in a smaller area like a hallway, especially if the rest of the house is designed in an eclectic, unique style.


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