How do I Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

K. Gierok

Finding the best hair transplant clinic can be a relatively painless process if a few basic guidelines are followed. In order to achieve the best results, individuals who wish to undergo hair transplant should first find a clinic that can treat their specific type of hair loss. Next, customers should review previous patient photos and evaluate references in order to find a clinic that provides effective results in a professional manner. Creating and sticking to a budget is also an important step when choosing the best hair transplant clinic.

Severe hairloss may require consultation with a medical professional.
Severe hairloss may require consultation with a medical professional.

In order to find the best hair transplant clinic, those suffering from hair loss must first evaluate the severity of their condition, and find a clinic that specializes in the specific form of replacement that they require. In most cases, mild to moderate hair loss can be treated with relative ease by almost all hair transplant clinics. The more severe cases, however, may require patients to consult with medical professionals at the particular hair transplant clinic in question. Reputable clinics will typically provide a clear description of their ability to treat the particular case of hair loss in question. In addition, if they believe they are unable to treat the condition, they may be able to provide the name of a clinic that can provide desirable results.

A man starting to lose his hair.
A man starting to lose his hair.

Those who are looking for a hair transplant clinic should ask for pictures or patient referrals in order to get a greater idea of the kind of work done by the particular hair transplant clinic. Most clinics should have no problem offering up this type of information, and those who are hesitant to provide pictures or referrals should be considered with caution. Customers who have an opportunity to talk with previous clients should ask various questions, including patient satisfaction, total procedure cost, and type of follow-up care.

In order to choose a good hair transplant clinic, interested customers must gather information related to procedure cost. In most cases, treatments undergone at a hair transplant clinic will not be covered by insurance. Therefore, interested individuals must both set a reasonable budget, and find a clinic that offers the specific procedure needed at a cost that fits within this budget. While procedure cost should not be the sole determinant when choosing a clinic, it should be strongly considered. It is also important to remember that many clinics will provide a significantly lower rate if the procedure is paid for in full.

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