How Do I Choose the Best Hair Serum for Frizzy Hair?

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To choose the best hair serum for frizzy hair, it is important to choose a product that will seal the cuticle of the hair. Sealing the hair provides a smooth surface, which helps to fight frizz. Hair products containing silicone are a good choice for sealing hair.

The drawback of using hair products containing silicone is that they can make the hair appear greasy if applied too heavily. To reduce frizz without losing body, use a dime-sized amount of the hair serum for frizzy hair. Rub the serum on the palms of both hands before smoothing it on the ends of the hair.

Any hair serum that contains silicone will help smooth frizz. Make a decision on the best hair serum by other features, such as price, scent, and availability. Another consideration is packaging. Some hair serums come in small bottles that dispense a small amount of serum into the hand, while others come in spray bottles. For individuals who hand style their hair, the serums that squeeze out are a good choice, while individuals who prefer to style with a brush and blow dryer may find the spray bottle easier the manage.


Using a hair serum for frizzy hair is only one step in taming out-of-control hair. Hair gets frizzy because the cuticle is rough, which lets moisture into the hair shaft. The shaft swells, creating frizzy, out of control hair. Reducing damage to the hair by heat styling and extreme hair styles will keep the cuticle smooth, and minimize frizz.

Frequent trims and gentle treatment are ways to minimize damage to the hair. Over time, as new hair grows in, and older damaged ends are trimmed off, hair should become less frizzy. Conditioning daily, and regular deep conditioning or hot oil treatments, are also important to reducing frizzy hair. The conditioning will help minimize the appearance of frizz, as well as weigh the hair down slightly, creating a smoother look.

Combining hair serum for frizzy hair with other products manufactured for fighting frizz can help create a sleek look. Shampoos and conditioners made for frizzy hair will help fill in the empty spaces in the hair's cuticle, creating a smoother appearance. Gently towel drying the hair, and allowing it to mostly air dry before using the blow dryer, will also cut down on frizz. Finally, when blow drying the hair, direct the air so that it blows from the top, down the length of the hair shaft. This helps smooth the cuticle.


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