How Do I Choose the Best Hair Piece for Thinning Hair?

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Thinning hair and baldness can affect both sexes at virtually any stage in life and can occur as a result of illness, aging or a condition known as alopecia. In an attempt to overcome this problem, many people choose to wear hair pieces, which are available for both men and women. To choose the best hair piece for thinning hair, you might need to consider a number of factors, which include the severity of hair loss, the manageability of the piece, how convenient it is to wear and the most suitable base.

Men and women who suffer from pattern baldness or certain types of alopecia that affect the area around the crown might find toppers or toupées to be a more suitable option than a full wig when choosing a hair piece for thinning hair. A topper will, in most cases, cover the area between the hairline at the front of the head and the crown. As such, this type of hair piece will blend in with the remaining natural hair at the sides and the back of the head. Available in both human hair and synthetic materials, a topper is attached using special adhesives, tapes or clips and combs. When special adhesives are used, it is possible to engage in such activities as swimming and showering without having to remove the piece.


After an individual has made the decision about which type of hair piece he or she wants, deciding on the material is another important factor when choosing a hair piece for thinning hair. A hair piece that is made from synthetic fibers is less expensive and does not need restyling after washing, but you would need to choose a high-quality, more expensive piece for it to look natural. There is less flexibility for the wearer of a synthetic piece because the materials cannot by dyed or permed, nor can they be restyled at home. Pieces that are made using natural hair, however, can be restyled, permed and dyed, just as can be done with natural hair, but they tend to be very expensive.

There are two very broad categories when choosing the base for a hair piece for thinning hair, which are known as French lace and Swiss lace. Swiss lace is quite durable, reasonably fine and barely visible, making it suitable for use at the front of a piece. French lace typically is the more popular option because it is very durable, is discreet when used at the front of a piece and can be obtained in a range of shades.


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