How Do I Choose the Best Hair Dryer Stand?

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When shopping for a hair dryer stand, there are many things to factor into your decision. Determining your main purpose for the stand is essential because several different types of stands for hair dryers are available. Some stands are made to simply hold a hair dryer when it is not in use, while others are made to use during the hair drying process.

A hands-free hair dryer stand is one made to hold a hair dryer during operation, allowing you to use your hands for other things while drying your hair. Some people like to use hands-free stands if they want to use both hands to style and brush their hair while drying it. The items are especially useful for disabled individuals who may lack the coordination required to dry their hair thoroughly or for people who have carpal tunnel or other injury to the hand or wrist.

Many hair dryer stands are designed to attach to a wall or other flat surface, holding a hair dryer during periods of non-operation. Some people find this option preferable to other methods of hair dryer storage because it keeps the device out of the way. There are many types and styles of mountable hair dryer stands, and you will need to consider the type of material used to manufacture the hair dryer stand and the manner in which you want it to mount to the wall or surface.


Two common items used to mount a hair dryer stand include an adhesive or a suction cup. Some stands utilize screws to hold them to a wall or surface, and if you do not want to put holes in the wall, adhesive or suction cup stands may be better options. No matter which option you choose, it is important to ensure the stability of the stand to prevent unwanted damage to your hair dryer.

Some hair dryer stands have a basic design featuring a single ring through which you can place your dryer. Other stands may have spiral designs, and it is possible to find styles consisting of a tube or a sheath where a hair dryer is placed. One of the biggest considerations when choosing a stand style is whether you want to store your hair dryer from the front or by the handle.

Another important consideration is whether or not your hair dryer will fit in the stand. There are many different sizes of hair dryers and many different types of stands. You may want to measure the length and width of your hairdryer before you begin searching for a hair dryer stand to avoid purchasing an item you cannot use.


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Post 3

I have a table top hair dryer stand. It's not just a stand but also an organizer for my dryer and all hair products and tools. It's very, very useful. But those who just don't have room would benefit more from a mounted one. I would definitely prefer a mounted one if I had a small bathroom with limited space.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- Mine was not expensive. It was fairly affordable. It's a simple stainless steel stand/holder that's mounted on the wall. I use it as both a stand and holder. I place my dryer there when I need a break while I style and I also store it there after I'm done. It's each to access and out of the way at the same time. So it works great for me since I style my hair every morning during the weekdays.

You can easily find a hair dryer stand like mine at local stores or online stores. Mounting is not too difficult either but do read the directions to make sure that it's something you can handle. There are also table top stands if you prefer those.

Post 1

I want a hair dryer stand that I can place my hair dryer in for a few seconds while I style my hair. It's too much trouble to turn it off, set it on the counter and pick it up and turn it on again while I'm in the middle of styling.

I don't have a big budget though, are hair dryer stands very expensive? Does anyone here have one? What is yours like? Did it cost a lot?

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