How Do I Choose the Best Hair Brushes?

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To select the best hair brushes, choose those that are designed for your hair type and your length of hair. If you prefer to style your hair after you shampoo, a styling hairbrush can help you achieve your desired look. Styling hair brushes are typically round, and many add volume to fine, limp hair. Consider whether you would prefer a hair brush with synthetic or natural bristles. A natural boar bristle hair brush is generally more expensive, but is generally a good choice for healthy hair and scalp.

If you have thick, coarse, or unruly hair, consider buying a paddle brush. The flat surface will help control frizzy or flyaway ends. Most paddle hair brushes are made with synthetic bristles. Round and flat thermal brushes are another good choice for smoothing and controlling flyways. If you live in a humid climate, you might consider an anti-static ceramic style hairbrush.

For smoothing away frizzies and to add shine to dull hair, choose an ionic hairbrush. These hair brushes are often made with synthetic bristles, and nylon is preferable over other materials. If you choose an ionic hair brush, be sure it has an unbreakable handle.


Round hair brushes that are small in diameter will add body and texture to fine, straight hair. Use this style of hairbrush if you want to give your hair extra volume and style after blow drying. You may choose from styles that have natural or synthetic bristles, or those that incorporate both.

If you do not style your hair very often and simply need a brush for everyday use, consider a paddle brush. This type of brush is versatile, as it can be used on most hair types. A paddle hair brush is also less likely to cause split ends. When selecting your hair brush, look for bristles with tiny tips on the end, and this will prevent damage to your hair.

Vented hair brushes are good for allowing air to circulate, thus reducing drying time. Some hair-care experts believe a vented brush may add extra body and texture to fine or thinning hair. Choose a vented hair brush that is durable and does not easily bend.

Where to buy your hair brush is another factor to consider. Hair salons will generally have the best selection of quality, professional-style hair brushes. If in doubt, speak with your hair stylist, as she knows your hair type and which brushes are most suitable to use.


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Post 2

Professional hair brushes are good, but I have never had a problem finding a good hair brush at a department store's health and beauty section. My biggest criteria is how easy the brush is to keep clean. I use a lot of hair products, and the best hair brush for me is one that I can take apart and clean. I will sometimes soak my hair brush in a solution of baking soda and water to break up the residue on bristles.

Speaking of bristles, I also find a natural bristle hair brush is easier to work with than one with plastic bristles. Sometimes I can feel the plastic bristles scraping against my scalp and it's not pleasant. Those little protective beads can also work loose over time. I also carry a portable hair brush that folds on itself, since combs really don't work well on my hair.

Post 1

Just about every hair brush I've liked has come from a beauty supply store, not from a regular department store. I'm sure some people can walk into a Walmart or Target and come out with a good hair brush, but for some reason I've had better luck with hair brushes marketed towards professional stylists.

The best hair brush for me has those tiny beaded tips mentioned in the article. I have thick hair that tends to get oily, so I need a brush that will get through all of that thickness without scratching against my scalp. A wooden paddle brush that curves about 180 degrees is perfect for that. A completely round brush tends to get tangled in my hair, and a flat brush won't help it develop waves when I brush it back.

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