How do I Choose the Best Greenhouse Plans?

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There are several factors to consider when choosing the best greenhouse plans for each person's specific needs. Gardening experts suggest deciding on the best placement for the structure, the amount of space that will be needed, and how the greenhouse will fit into the home's overall appearance. Greenhouse blueprints and ready made kits are available in a wide range of architectural styles, and also may include features ideal for the particular location such as sloped roofs for areas that experience a great deal of rain or snow fall. When designing a greenhouse, it is also important to factor in plans for shelving, storage, and water and electric capabilities, if desired.

Placement is an important aspect of creating greenhouse plans, and a number of factors should be considered, such as locating the area of the yard with the most exposure to natural sunlight and determining the most convenient location for the structure. Most homeowners also strive to choose a location that is visually appealing to the rest of the property in terms of the house and other buildings. Some types of greenhouses, such as lean-to or wall attached versions, can be connected to existing buildings such as a shed, garage, or the house itself. This kind of greenhouse system is often easier to connect to the existing electric grid and water lines.


When choosing greenhouse plans, the size of the building must be considered as well. The amount of plants desired, space available, and preference of the homeowner are all important factors to be taken into account. If the homeowner has the yard space available and wants a large amount of growing space, a free standing greenhouse design is often suggested. With the freestanding greenhouse options, many homeowners choose to select a style that best compliments the design of their home for visual appeal. There are greenhouse options available in a multitude of architectural styles including barn, dome, and Gothic designs.

The best greenhouse plans should also be effective for the geographical region in which the structure will be built. For example, a greenhouse with a flat roof would be better suited for regions with little to no rainfall, such as a desert environment. For those who live in areas with a great deal of humidity from rain or snow fall, it would be more effective to choose a greenhouse design with sloped, peaked, or curved roofs to ensure that water run off can occur without damage to the structure.


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