How do I Choose the Best Green Tea Extract Capsules?

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Humans have used green tea leaves for their supposed medicinal properties and health benefits for thousands of years. Achieving the appropriate levels of green tea intake is, however, difficult for some people; green tea extract capsules are available as an alternate option. These concentrated pills are said to have several healthy properties, yet there are drawbacks to be aware of as well. In order to choose the best green tea extract capsules, one should consider levels of active ingredients present, the reputation and pedigree of the manufacturer and help from medical professionals.

Various clinical studies suggest that the active ingredients in the leaves are powerful antioxidants that can eliminate cancer-causing free radicals and boost metabolism, which supports weight loss. Daily intake of the tea may also contribute to a decreased chance of coronary artery disease due to lower amounts of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. The tea can also boost levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), sometimes called good cholesterol.

The process of making the best green tea extract capsules should be standardized to guarantee a certain percentage of the plant’s active ingredients. When choosing a brand, look on the label for high dosages of green tea’s most beneficial components. These consist of different polyphenols, powerful antioxidants of which there are five types. Polyphenols in the form of catechins are not found organically in many edible plants, though they do exist in green tea.


Another type of polyphenol one should look for when buying green tea extract capsules is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Now believed to be the polyphenol best at fighting cancerous bodies, EGCG amounts can vary from pill to pill. Look for an extract that includes about 90% polyphenols, with at least 55% EGCG.

While most health and diet-supplement manufacturers claim to care about customer satisfaction, there are those without the necessary reputation and accreditation. Both the pills and the places in which they are made should be approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or a similar government-regulated agency with high safety standards. Though the cost of extracting polyphenols from green tea has gone down in recent years, one might do well to be wary of capsules offered at an especially low price.

As herbal supplements can have side effects for people with certain conditions or who are taking other types of supplements, it may be wise to consider speaking with a health care professional or nutritionist before taking green tea extract capsules. Green tea naturally has caffeine; consuming high doses of caffeine can be harmful to anybody, but especially those who are pregnant or breastfeeding or those with heart conditions or cancer. One can choose extracts that are caffeine-free, but because green tea could cause a host of potential adverse effects, it is often recommended that the extract be taken under a doctor’s supervision.


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@ocelot60- I have taken green tea capsules with caffeine and the decaffeinated variety. I think that you are less likely to experience side effects from the capsules that do not have caffeine.

When I took green tea capsules with caffeine, I experienced a jittery feeling and a fast heartbeat. I think this is common when taking anything that has high levels of caffeine, so the decaffeinated variety of green tea capsules is the best option for most people.

Post 1

Once you have checked with your doctor and have been given his approval to take green tea capsules, be sure to see if you have any bothersome side effects when you begin taking them. Start by taking only one, and see if you experience any problems.

If you do, stop taking them and call your doctor to make sure they are safe for you.

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