How Do I Choose the Best Gray Hair Products?

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Choosing the best gray hair products requires you to rethink your entire hair regimen, as gray hair needs some extra care and attention no matter what your hair color has been for most of your life. When choosing shampoos, look for products that have clarifying or brightening properties to avoid staining your hair. A conditioner that is extremely moisturizing is also important, as gray hair tends to be dry and brittle; a daily, leave-in conditioner and a weekly deep conditioner are often ideal. Due to gray hair being prone to dryness, it is also important to only choose styling products that contain moisturizers to prevent your hair from feeling or looking damaged.

When purchasing gray hair products to cleanse your hair, it is important to look for a clarifying shampoo, especially if your gray hair tends more towards the white than gray side. Due to the lack of pigment in gray hair, it is especially prone to turning yellow if not properly cleansed. In most cases, a quality shampoo without sulfates will thoroughly cleanse your hair without damaging it with harsh chemicals. Some products are designed specifically for gray hair, and not only remove all of the product buildup, but also include brightening properties, which can help your hair to look more radiant.


Gray hair requires a large amount of moisture, especially as the best shampoos for this type of hair can be rather harsh, even if sulfate-free. The best conditioning products for gray hair tend to be those geared towards color-treated hair, which typically include more moisturizing properties than standard conditioners. A brightening conditioner, often labeled for gray or blonde hair, that has a violet or blue base to it can also help to brighten your gray locks and prevent yellowing.

Along with your daily conditioner, a deep moisturizing hair masque is also important. When used about once per week, these products for gray hair can keep your mane soft and manageable. For very dry hair, look for night-time gray hair products that are applied before bed and rinsed out in the morning, as these will provide the most moisture. If your hair is less dry, a treatment that stays in your hair for 10 to 20 minutes will likely suffice.

Lightweight, leave-in conditioners are often ideal choices for gray hair products. This added amount of moisture can help to protect hair without weighing it down. In most cases, a spray will provide lightweight moisture. When choosing these types of products, avoid heavy creams unless your hair is exceptionally dry.

The best products for styling typically include moisturizing ingredients and avoid drying ones, such as alcohol. If possible, always choose gray hair products that are creamy, rather than gels or mousse. When choosing hair spray, the lighter hold varieties are often less drying than firm control gray hair products and will be gentler on your hair in the long run.


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