How Do I Choose the Best Gout Supplements?

Patti Kate

Choosing the most effective and safe gout supplements can be accomplished by consulting with your physician. Always read ingredients for warnings and buy supplements that specifically explain their intended use. With your doctor's approval, you may wish to begin a nutritional regimen that can relieve your gout symptoms and reduce inflammation. If you travel often, concentrated cherry gout supplements may be available in liquid or capsule form, making them convenient for use on the go.

Full fat dairy products can exacerbate gout.
Full fat dairy products can exacerbate gout.

When choosing your gout supplements, consider taking those that offer other benefits as well. For instance, fish oil supplements offer several health benefits. Fish oil capsules and omega-3 fatty acids found in foods such as salmon may reduce inflammation. Additionally, fish oil supplements may improve cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol.

Many types of meat, especially those high in fat can contribute to gout.
Many types of meat, especially those high in fat can contribute to gout.

If you're concerned with preservatives and artificial colors or flavors, you might prefer to take natural or herbal supplements for gout. Homeopathic remedies made of herbs and organic botanicals are generally safe for most people. Choose a product that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or meets similar regulatory standards. If you're concerned about drug interactions with your current medications, ask a pharmacist or physician for advice.

Gout supplements.
Gout supplements.

While taking remedies for gout or any other condition, there is a risk of side effects and allergies. Some signs to watch out for include breathing difficulties, swelling, or hives. If you experience any unusual symptoms after consuming gout supplements, you should discontinue use and consult with your physician.

Taking vitamin B complex pills may help improve gout.
Taking vitamin B complex pills may help improve gout.

Most patients with gout generally have a high concentration of uric acid in their tissues and joints. Look for gout supplements that reduce or inhibit the production of uric acid. Some foods can also contribute to the build-up of uric acid and should be avoided.

Drinking a glass of orange juice daily can help you to reduce uric acid levels.
Drinking a glass of orange juice daily can help you to reduce uric acid levels.

You should also consider taking vitamin supplements to reduce your symptoms of gout. Increase your intake of vitamin C to at least 500 milligrams daily. Drink a glass of orange juice daily and consume other foods containing vitamin C, which may help lower your uric acid level. Folic acid or vitamin B complex supplements may also help with gout.

Many nutritional experts recommend probiotics as an effective gout supplement, as the beneficial bacteria may help to reduce uric acid. You can obtain this bacteria by eating yogurt that is enriched with live and active cultures, or you may prefer to take a daily probiotic supplement. Look for capsules that are individually sealed in a blister pack to protect against light and heat damage.

Probiotic capsules should be sealed in blister packs to protect against light and heat.
Probiotic capsules should be sealed in blister packs to protect against light and heat.

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I am a female and in my late 70s. My gout attacks were increasing to about one a month. I started taking probiotics, 3 billion of three different types and my gout attacks suddenly cleared. The only time that I had an attack, was when I was taking antibiotics. I did not start to take them for gout and was surprised by the result. I will never stop taking them now.


@letshearit - It is interesting to hear that your mother going vegetarian helped with her symptoms of gout. My dad has gout and he has been taking some supplements his doctor recommended, but he doesn't feel like they are doing enough to help.

My dad is too much of a carnivore to avoid eating meats altogether, and basically his pact with his doctor was that he would give up beer, which is high in purine, if he could still eat some meat. He prefers turkey, salmon and veal, which are all moderately high in purines but not as bad as some of the other meats out there.


My mom has suffered from gout for years. I really think it is the worst kind of arthritis you can get. Apparently eating a lot of protein can really make your issues worse, and while it hasn't been proven 100% that protein causes more problems, my mom still avoids it.

Since my mother has gone vegetarian she reports that her gout symptoms have lessened considerably. She was going to try gout supplements to start out with, but was hoping that a dietary fix would help her, and it did. I am not sure her doctor will be too happy about her avoiding supplements, but I guess whatever works, works.


@Mor - I think your father would have been better off making sure he didn't eat what he knew he was going to suffer for. Even if he just didn't eat it to excess. Gout is rarely caused from a few mouthfuls of food. Generally its from people eating a lot of things like kidney or liver, or some kinds of fish.

Still, it's easy to look back and think, if only we had known, or done it a different way.

Gout still isn't completely curable or even understood, so hopefully one day they'll be able to give people more than just supplements when it flares up, and give them some real relief. Because it is incredibly painful.


My father suffered terribly from gout for many years. He knew he kept getting it because he would eat the wrong things, but couldn't seem to prevent himself from eating them.

Unfortunately, this was before the internet and he wasn't much for going to the doctor. He preferred to just suffer through it in silence, although he would snap at us if we went anywhere near his feet!

I wish I had known that these things could help him back then. I would have made sure he took a combination of every possible vitamin in order to make him feel better.

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