How do I Choose the Best Goldenseal Liquid?

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Goldenseal is a popular dietary supplement that is considered to be a homeopathic medicine. This supplement is typically used as an immune system booster. The goldenseal supplement is made from the hydrastis canadensis plant. This supplement can be purchased in pill or liquid form. The best goldenseal liquid is a version made from goldenseal extract.

Most homeopathic nutritional supplements are not managed by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). This generally means that their medical efficacy hasn't been proven in scientific studies. When taking this type of supplement, an individual should be cautious and carefully monitor how his body reacts to the drugs. All drugs have side effects that have unique characteristics for each consumer.

The goldenseal supplement is often used as a diuretic drug. This product has mild laxative properties and typically causes an individual to urinate more often. The goldenseal liquid can be used to help cleanse the body of impurities.

There are a few side effects to using the goldenseal supplement. These include stomach discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea, and mouth irritation. This supplement has a high content of alkaloids and should be used on a limited basis. Most individuals use this supplement as a cleansing tool for a few weeks only.


Some goldenseal liquid is typically mixed with echinacea, which is also known to boost the immune system. This combined supplement can provide additional boosting attributes. Echinacea has been used for centuries by Native Americans for its effect on the immune system.

When purchasing any goldenseal supplement, it is important to ensure it is created properly. This type of product should be purchased from an organization that understands the extraction process for hydrastine. Many products on the Internet are not made from real hydrastine, which will limit the immune-enhancement effects.

There are many drinks and teas available that contain the goldenseal liquid. These dietary supplements typically provide diluted versions of the extract. Making homemade tea or fruit drinks with liquid extract supplements provides better overall quality.

Goldenseal liquid is often used for drug test evasion. This process typically does not work because the diuretic properties of this supplement only dilute the urine. Most drug testing organizations now look for goldenseal supplements as a cheating device. The mere presence of this supplement typically triggers an automatic failure for most drug tests.

The goldenseal supplement is also available in capsule form. This capsule version is typically slower to digest than goldenseal liquid. Most capsules are time released, which provides for a slow ingested dosage throughout the day.


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Post 3

The only issue with goldenseal liquid is that it's very bitter and it's impossible not to taste it when it's used internally. The liquid has to be mixed with water and taken. I have not tried mixing it with milk or juice in case that these affect its effectiveness.

The bitter taste is something I'm willing to bear though because the herb is truly beneficial. It helps fight sinus infections, allergies, mouth infections, canker sores and many other issues.

The most important thing is that the goldenseal liquid should be pure and without unnecessary additives like alcohol or sugar.

Post 2

@serenesurface-- Yes, goldenseal supplement varieties are also available in liquid form. You might have trouble finding it at the local pharmacy but there is no shortage of the product online. If you tend to get sick often and need extra support fighting colds and the flu, then the goldenseal and echinacea combined liquid is best for you.

I like using the liquid form of this supplement because I can measure a larger or smaller dose based on my needs. The dose options are fairly limited with the capsules.

Post 1

I've heard great things about goldenseal and echinacea supplements but I have trouble swallowing the capsules. I was wondering if the goldenseal and echinacea combination comes as a liquid as well. I'm happy to know that this product is available. Thank you!

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