How do I Choose the Best Glute Workout?

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The gluteus muscles are difficult ones to tone and strengthen, but there are several exercises that can help one develop a good glute workout. Some exercises involve weights, while others can be done at home with little or no specialized equipment. A glute workout can be difficult, however, and balance is important for most glute exercises. When starting a glute workout for the first time, you should begin slow and work up in speed and frequency from there. It may help to have a spotter nearby during a glute workout in case you lose your balance.

The simplest exercise in the glute workout is the squat. It requires no special equipment but can be strenuous on leg, thigh, hip, and glute muscles. You should begin by standing with his or her feet apart, about hip-width. Feet should point forward. Then lower your upper body into a squatting position, making sure that the knees remain behind the feet, as though sitting on a chair that is too far away. Hold this position for a moment, then raise up straight again. Repeat several times.


Lunges are another great addition to the glute workout, and reverse lunges are even better. To execute a reverse lunge, stand with the feet apart at hip width. Hands should be at the sides, and the back should be straight. Step backward with one leg and lower the body toward the ground. The front leg should bend until it is around a 90-degree bend, with the knee positioned directly above the foot. Then, pull forward up to a standing position, making sure to squeeze the glutes when doing so. Repeat with both legs for several repetitions.

Stair-stepping is a good glute workout that can be done at the gym, at home, or even on the trails. The motion of stepping up stairs works the thighs, hips, and glutes, and most gyms have stair-stepping machines that will ensure a straight, effective step. Stair stepping can be done at home as well, or on any set of stairs. Getting out of the home or the gym can add some motivation, as a change in scenery can help deal with the monotonous motion. Try hiking on a trail, preferably one that climbs at a decent but safe incline. Other common exercises, like biking, running, or walking, can exercise the thighs, hips, and glutes as well.


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