How do I Choose the Best Glutamine Supplement?

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Glutamine is an amino acid found in many foods high in protein, such as red meats, fish, and various types of beans. Because glutamine dietary supplements can be helpful with controlling blood glucose levels, enhance mental function, and even help the body build and maintain muscle mass, many people who want to get in better shape will use a glutamine supplement. There are actually a couple of different types to choose from, with each of them providing some specific benefits.

One very popular glutamine supplement is glutamine powder. The main benefit to this diet supplement is that it is very easy to mix with any type of liquid you like. By combining the food supplement with fresh juice, it is possible to obtain a significant of nutrients that enhance mental clarity, as well as provide energy for exercising or engaging in some type of physically strenuous activity. Since the nutrient is in liquid form, you begin to realize benefits shortly after finishing your drink.


Another type of glutamine supplement is the glutamine capsule. With this type of diet supplement, the process of ingesting the glutamine is simple and easy. While it does not provide the immediate rush of energy that is found with the powder, you do receive the benefit of releasing glutamine into your system throughout the day. This can be especially advantageous if you have a daylong project to manage, and need to be very alert and focused in order to successfully complete your project.

In general, there is no difference between the level of nutrition you get from each of these types of supplements. Choosing the right glutamine supplement really depends on why you want to take in extra glutamine. If you need the burst of energy in order to get the most from your workout, then using the powder, along with a nutrient rich liquid, is your best bet. However, if you are looking for something that will help keep you sharp and help regulate your blood sugar throughout the day, the capsules may be the better option.

Fortunately, finding each type of glutamine supplement is a simple task. Stores that carry vitamin supplements, such as health food stores and vitamin shops, are very likely to have the powder and the capsules on hand. If you are not sure which one is right for you, try the capsules for a couple of weeks and see if they work for you. Should you find you need a little extra lift from time to time, try the powder. In either case, there is a good chance you will feel better in general, as well as enjoy a greater degree of mental clarity.


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