How do I Choose the Best Glucose Free Products?

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Diabetics and others who wish or need to avoid products containing glucose, or sugar, have two basic options. They can choose similar, but glucose free products that are artificially sweetened or replace sweetened food items with a totally different food. It's a good idea to research artificial sweeteners before consuming products made with them. Not only are some sugar substitutes controversial due to results of studies done to check their safety, but several artificial sweeteners used in sugar free candies cause diarrhea in some people.

Choosing to consume only a small amount of artificially sweetened glucose free products is recommended by many dieticians. Not only will this reduce the amount of chemicals consumed plus the chance of experiencing unpleasant side effects, it will allow you to replace empty calories with natural foods. For example, plain air-popped rather than commercial popcorn is basically sugar free and it has the benefit of being a good source of fiber. Although healthy foods such as fruit contain natural sugar, diabetics usually shouldn't avoid them, but rather monitor their blood sugars and eat fruits in moderation accordingly.

For example, unsweetened applesauce sprinkled with cinnamon can make a delicious homemade substitute for commercial sauce versions prepared with artificial sweeteners. Some studies have found that cinnamon may help lower blood sugar. Learning to avoid sweet foods can help prevent the habit of reaching for many different glucose free, sugar substitute products.


If you do want to enjoy glucose free products, choosing to eat or drink only your favorites can be another way to cut down your total consumption of artificial sweeteners. For example, many diabetics and others enjoy diet sugar free soda occasionally since they avoid regular cola because of its very high amount of sugar. Ice cream is a favorite sweet dessert that many people love. The regular variety is high in sugar, but glucose free, artificially sweetened versions can allow diabetics to enjoy ice cream once in a while.

There are certainly many different glucose free products available today. Food products include jams, cookies, candy, gum, yogurt and puddings. Some products such as canned fruit don't contain artificial sweeteners, but rather just omit the sugar. Sugar free canned fruit is usually packed in water and fruit juice rather than a sugary syrup.

Glucose free products include over-the-counter medications such as cough medicine. Cough drops, or lozenges, are available in several different sugar free flavors and are usually artificially sweetened. Some artificial sweeteners may be used in non-edible products such as skin moisturizers to add a sweet scent.


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