How Do I Choose the Best Glitter Eyeliner?

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Choosing the best glitter eyeliner involves finding a long-lasting product with fine glitter rather than clumps and deciding on whether you want a clear or colored base. Like other kinds of eyeliner, glitter liner can go on clumpy and dry in an unattractive way. To avoid this, search the Internet or your local makeup stores for a high-quality, often-recommended eyeliner. In addition, most people prefer a very fine glitter rather than relatively large clumps that easily fall off the eye and onto their clothing. Lastly, there are two different kinds of glitter eyeliner: glitter suspended in a clear base and regular eyeliner infused with glitter.

If a glitter eyeliner is top quality and not brand new, it is a safe assumption that other people have already discovered and reviewed it. Look for reviews online and make sure to avoid too-positive blog articles about the product, because the author may be receiving compensation. Ask friends and family if they use this type of eyeliner and, if so, would they recommend what they are currently using. As an alternative method, look for glitter eyeliners by the same company as your regular favorite eyeliner. Glitter makeup is fairly common, and most popular makeup brands have some form of it.


A lot of makeup retailers allow customers to open and try on products. If given the chance, open and look at the glitter in the eyeliner to determine its size. Many people dislike chunky glitter because of its unnatural appearance and tendency to fall off. A fine glitter goes on smoothly, is noticeable but does not detract too much attention from your eyes, and does not flake off half way through the day. Take the time to try on the product and wear it to make sure it lasts long enough for your needs and does not rub off easily.

Lastly, the two different kinds of glitter eyeliner are vastly different. Glitter suspended in a clear base is just glitter with only your eyes as the background. The advantage to using glitter with a clear base is the ability to use a pencil — either the same color as the glitter or a complementary color — to line the eye before applying the glitter. Glitter-infused eyeliner pencils are convenient in that you do not have to line your eye twice, and the base is already there, though it is usually about the same color as the glitter.


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