How do I Choose the Best Glass Fixtures for my Store?

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The best glass fixtures for your store are the ones that are going to meet your display needs as well as safety standards. Consider the layout of your store and the items that would make the most sense to display in a glass fixture. Retail display fixtures and glass shelving are available in many lengths and widths, so planning your whole store design before purchasing separate pieces is a good idea.

For instance, long tempered glass shelves placed along walls at eye level and lower can make good use of the space as well as add a sophisticated, modern style to your store. Below these shelves, you could place large, heavy products for sale, while above them, display mannequins or marketing signage could be hung. Wider glass shelves with solid metal fasteners under them can work in areas where you may have a bit more room, such as in corners or on a back wall. Freestanding, cube glass displays can allow you to store several different products in a stacking manner to save space in the middle of your store. If needed, you could have more glass fixtures near the customer checkout area.


Typically, smaller, lightweight items tend to work best in glass display cases or shelves. If shoplifting is a concern, it may be best to choose glass fixtures with locking doors for the clerk to open for customers; many jewelry stores use these types of display cases. Depending on what you sell, a locking glass display case at counter level near your cash register can be ideal. Customers paying for their purchases may spot additional items to buy in the case. The counter-like surface can be useful as well, as having glass rather than opaque materials can reflect more light into the store and help make a smaller shop appear larger and airier.

Before purchasing any glass fixtures, it's wise to check on commercial regulations in your area. Using tempered safety glass may be mandatory in some communities, because when it shatters, large, sharp shards are avoided. Regular glass that hasn't been tempered, or heated, can often produce dangerously sharp pieces if it breaks. Also, look for smoothly finished edges and corners on every type of glass fixture you buy.

Each glass fixture you choose should represent your company's reputation. If you're known for quality products, don't skimp on glass fixtures. Instead, price different fixtures, but compare like qualities, such as those with scratch resistance, rather than just choosing the lowest priced pieces.


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