How Do I Choose the Best Glass Coffee Carafe?

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Choosing the best glass coffee carafe is largely a matter of personal taste and the durability of the glass. Most glass coffee carafes come with a coffee maker, but you may want to choose a specialized carafe. There are several designs available, and finding one unique to your style and preferences is usually possible. Function should usually be considered, however, before form.

If you have a coffee maker and need a replacement carafe, it is probably easiest to contact the manufacturer of the coffee maker first. Many of the larger brand-name coffee makers may also have carafes available as after-market pieces. If you don’t buy a glass coffee carafe directly from the manufacturer, be sure that the carafe fits in the coffee maker.

The first thing to consider if you are buying a separate glass coffee carafe is the glass. Glass can crack if left on a heating element too long, and it can also crack if the liquid poured into it is too hot. It’s best to buy a carafe that has durable glass that is especially resistant to heat. Glass coffee carafes also easily lose heat, so consider buying one that has a cozy to cover it with. Many glass carafes are dishwasher safe, and this may be a factor for you to consider.


Many specialized carafes might look good but might not be the best to hold coffee. If you purchase a carafe, be sure it has a handle or an area covered with another material, such as wood, that won’t burn your hand if you touch it. Having a carafe that looks artistic and elegant won’t do you much good if you can’t use it to pour or heat coffee.

One of the best features about a glass coffee carafe is that it doesn’t alter the taste of the coffee unless it’s left too long in the carafe. For that reason, make sure that the glass is not treated with anything or comes made with other components that could alter the taste of the coffee. Most are pure glass, but some carafes are also treated so the coffee won’t get bitter if left in the carafe but won’t otherwise alter the taste.

Most department stores have a wide range of glass coffee carafes. For a more specialized carafe, you might need to look in a higher-end store that offers glass ware or other appliances. Before purchasing, be sure that the carafe fits your specific needs.


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