How do I Choose the Best Ginseng Complex?

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Ginseng is an herb that is known as an adaptogen, meaning that various forms of the herb have properties that aid in dealing with stress and promoting vitality. With so many ginseng products on the market today, it can be difficult to find the right ginseng complex for your needs. Fortunately, it is possible to locate and purchase the ideal complex if you consider factors like content, quality, form, and cost.

Looking closely at the ingredients of any ginseng complex you consider is essential if you want to get the full benefits from the product. Many products augment the presence of ginseng with other nutrients, some of which are known to promote the same type of benefits as offered by the ginseng itself. At other times, those additional ingredients are no more than less expensive fillers that do little to nothing to promote the benefits derived from ginseng. In order to minimize this possibility, focus your attention of products that are primarily ginseng, with little to no added fillers.


Another key aspect of evaluating ginseng complex products is the type of ginseng used for the manufacture of the product. Many people are not aware of the many different forms of the herb. Supplements are sometimes made using American or Chinese ginseng, or possibly some variety of white or red ginseng. While all forms of ginseng provide some essential nutrients, some are better suited for dealing with specific health issues. Consult an herbalist and find out if American ginseng will work for you, or if the more powerful Korean ginseng would be a better option.

Keep in mind that the final quality of the ginseng complex is not only based on the type of ingredients used in the formula, but also the manufacturing process. Ideally, you want a product that was prepared under controlled circumstances that ensure a balance of nutritional content in each ginseng capsule you take. Asking questions about how the supplement is made will let you know if you can depend on that level of consistency, or if you should consider a different product.

The form of the ginseng complex may also be important. Capsules are one of the more popular options, and are ideal for anyone who wants to take his or her supplements and get on with the day. People with difficulty swallowing pills or capsules may want to look into the possibility of using ginseng tea. This can be in the form of loose tea, tea bags, or even in bottled teas that are ready for consumption at any time.

As with most purchases, price is also important in selecting the best ginseng complex. Most forms of ginseng are more expensive. Don’t spend a lot of time on supplements that are sold at bargain prices; chances are the ginseng is cut with fillers and will provide no more than minimal benefits. Look first at the quality and type of ginseng used, then choose the one that offers all the benefits you need at the most competitive price.


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Post 3

I've been taking a ginseng powder complex for a few months now for allergies. I think it's helping but I'm not entirely better yet. I heard that ginseng in liquid form is more effective. I was going to buy that type of ginseng but my friend dissuaded me saying that liquid ginseng tastes bad and the little bottles break easily.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- I'm not an expert on ginseng, but I take Chinese red ginseng for energy and it works. I suffer from chronic fatigue and Chinese red ginseng is one of the few supplements that help with my symptoms. I take it every other day or when I really need an energy boost. It works fast.

I do recommend this type of ginseng to you, but make sure that the product is high quality and fresh before you buy it because most Chinese ginseng is imported. Unfortunately, all of the products on the market are not fresh. If you buy a ginseng complex that doesn't work, it's probably an old product.

Post 1

What type of ginseng is best for improving energy? I've been hearing a lot about red ginseng extract. Is this what I should get?

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