How do I Choose the Best Gift Wrap Organizer?

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Choosing the right gift wrap organizer depends on what gift-packaging materials you have and how you want to store them. It is also important to consider how much space is available for this purpose. The best gift wrap and craft organizing systems will accommodate your supplies and be convenient for you to grab the right materials when you need to wrap a gift.

Gift wrap organizers can be small enough to fit under a bed, inside a drawer, or in a desk. Organizers for gift wrap may also hang inside closets or on walls to keep gift wrapping supplies handy. For larger jobs, gift and craft paper organizing systems may be called for.

The most common reason for using a gift wrap organizer is to store away small bits of gift wrapping supplies like paper, ribbons, cards, scissors, and tape. A small plastic or wood gift wrap organizer can be purchased and all elements of gifting can be stored in small compartments inside. Then this organizer can be discreetly tucked into a desk or filing drawer, under a bed, or inside a cupboard for when a special occasion calls for a gift.


Another good choice when deciding what gift wrap organizer to use is the wall or closet hanging type. This allows for the convenient storage of a large number of gift wrapping and craft supplies in one place. The organizer generally has several compartments where rolls of gift wrap paper, cards, and other packaging materials can be safely tucked away. Then the entire organizer hangs on hooks on a wall or inside a closet in the home or office.

When much more gift wrapping supplies need to be organized, it may be good to choose a large gift and craft organizer. Large organizing racks made of wood and metal can hold multiple storage bins. In addition to providing more space to hold gift wrap materials, these organizing systems are often portable, on wheels, and can expand to work with other types of organizing centers.

To choose the right gift wrap organizer, consider how many gifting supplies are to be stored and how often new items will be added. Serious gifters often buy these materials when they are on sale and then store them for later use. Large rolls of wrapping paper and tape bought in bulk sizes will need a sturdy place to keep them safe from fading, dust, and damage.


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