How do I Choose the Best Giant Bean Bag Chair?

S. McNesby

The best giant bean bag chair is comfortable to sit on, has a comfortable, washable cover, and fits well into the room it will be used in. Better-quality bean bag chairs will have a removable slipcover for easy washing; chairs with a permanent cover can only be spot cleaned. Bean bag furniture comes in a variety of styles, and the best fabric and shape will depend on the preferences of the individual using it.

Bean bag chairs are a popular furniture staple for kids' rooms and college dorms.
Bean bag chairs are a popular furniture staple for kids' rooms and college dorms.

Most bean bags are filled with small polystyrene beads that shift and settle as the chair is used, molding to the body and creating a comfortable seat. The smaller the beads used for filling, the more comfortable the chair will be. The best type of giant bean bag chair has beads the size of the head of a pin. Lower-quality chairs have beads that are pea-sized or larger, and are usually less comfortable to sit on.

Uniform polystyrene pellets can be used as bean bag stuffing.
Uniform polystyrene pellets can be used as bean bag stuffing.

The amount of filling used is also an important indicator of quality in a giant bean bag chair. Chairs that are overstuffed will be uncomfortable to sit on because there is no way to sink into the chair. Chairs that are under-stuffed will be too flat and low to the floor to be comfortable, and won't offer enough support to the user. The best giant bean bag chair has just the right amount of filling to gently and comfortably support the body.

The chair cover is a good indicator of its overall quality as well. Covers should be made from thick, durable fabric like cotton canvas, fleece, or a microfiber. Thin, satiny fabrics will not withstand much use or launder well. The best giant bean bag chair models have a sturdy cover with a zipper closure so the cover can be removed and laundered.

A giant bean bag chair can be used by a child or an adult. Some chair brands can even be monogrammed or personalized so each family member can have a chair of his own. Solid-color bean bag chairs can fit into almost any room, while wild print or patterned chairs may be best for casual settings or kids' rooms.

The best way to select a giant bean bag chair is to see it in person. It is easy to evaluate a chair when it can be tested for comfort and fit. Testing a giant bean bag chair in person is also a great way to determine if the fabric is of good quality and if the cover is removable. If the chair is only available via mail order, then reviewing the description and comments left by previous customers may be the best way to determine the chair's quality before purchasing.

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@pollick, I'm not the biggest fan of big bean bag chairs myself, but I can see their appeal. College students and recent graduates can furnish their first apartments with cheap bean bag chairs and not spend too much money. Obviously, older relatives aren't going to sit on large bean bag chairs voluntarily, but they're okay for everyday use.


I'll be glad when the bean bag chair phenomenon is officially over. I have never liked them, even when I owned a few as a young adult. They look silly, they provide no back support, and they break open at the drop of a hat. Why do people still insist on buying them?

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