How Do I Choose the Best Gentle Exfoliator?

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Regular exfoliation keeps your skin looking smooth and vibrant by removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Exfoliating products are designed to remove dead skin cells, so these products can be rough or harsh. Selecting a gentle exfoliator will help remove dead skin cells without irritating delicate skin.

There are several choices when selecting an exfoliator. Exfoliating scrubs contain granule particles, which can range from fine to coarse. Chemical and plant acids can also be used in exfoliating washes and masks to dissolve and remove dead skin cells. Loofas and sponges can be used to manually remove dead skin.

An exfoliating scrub that has fine particles will be more gentle than a scrub that has large, rough particles. Skin care companies make gentle exfoliator scrubs specifically for delicate skin. The fine granule particles in the product are often mixed with a soothing cream or gel base that hydrates and nourishes the skin. When using any exfoliating scrub on delicate skin, rubbing the skin very gently will reduce the chance of causing irritation or damage.

Cosmetic grade chemical acids and natural acids extracted from fruits and plants act to dissolve dead skin cells. These exfoliator products are often made into masks and exfoliating washes. The acids dissolve the dead skin cells so that they can easily be washed away with water. When selecting a gentle exfoliator mask or wash, natural products are often more gentle than products that were made with chemicals.


Loofas are harsh, but sea sponges can be used as gentle exfoliators on the face and body. Gently rubbing your skin with a sea sponge will loosen dead skin cells and unclog pores. Gentle exfoliating gloves and clothes can also be used.

Facial exfoliators are almost always more gentle than body exfoliating products. When exfoliating delicate facial skin, it is important to use a gentle product. Harsh scrubs and chemical masks can leave the skin looking blotchy, damaged and red.

A gentle exfoliator can be made at home using common kitchen ingredients. Fine granule sugar or salt can be mixed with oil or honey to create a gentle exfoliating scrub. Ground oatmeal mixed with water is both soothing and exfoliating.

Using a gentle exfoliator regularly keeps the skin looking smooth and healthy. Skin that is not weighed down with dead skin cells, excess oils and dirt particles can also absorb moisture better, making face creams more effective. A gentle exfoliator can be used one to three times a week.


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