How Do I Choose the Best Gel Socks?

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The best gel socks you can purchase depends on the type of benefit you desire, as products differ in style, cushion type, and price. Cushion versions vary in size and differ in style. While most gel socks come in a large selection of sizes for men and women, some socks are one size fits all. Color selection is also generally limited to black and white. Consumers can determine the best gel sock by reading customer reviews or conferring with a physician if the product is needed to alleviate symptoms associated with specific medical conditions.

One type of gel sock has a permanent sewn-in gel heel cushion. These gel socks provide support only in the heel region. They are designed to prevent dry, cracked skin and callous formation by reducing heel friction. The sock itself is composed of 80% cotton and 20% nylon. Product descriptions claim the cuff of the full-length sock is not constricting.

Another gel sock design has a gel support cushion that extends the entire length of the sole. The gel cushion in these gel socks is also permanently sewn in, but the seam lies conveniently along the bottom of the sole for added comfort. Covering the entire bottom of the foot, this sock style generally enhances foot care by reducing abrasions, callous formation, and friction over a larger surface area. Manufacturers recommend this style for individuals suffering from arthritis or diabetes. They may vary greatly in price, depending on the manufacturer.


Individuals suffering from aching, tired feet or arthritic feet, might want to try foot warming gel socks. These 100% cotton, machine washable socks include a removable gel cushion that can be warmed in the microwave. The cushion is inserted into a specially created pocket, and the soothing, warming effect supposedly lasts for hours. These socks are inexpensive, and replacement cushions are available.

Designed especially for women, a bootie style, terry cloth gel sock not only provides a soothing cushiony insert but also incorporates grape seed, olive oil, and vitamin E that moisturize dry, cracked skin. Though the bottoms of the socks have slip resistant decals, the booties are designed to wear at bedtime, and attempting to walk on the slippery gel cushion may pose a safety hazard. The one-size- fits-all socks are composed of 90% cotton along with 10% spandex and must be hand washed and air-dried.


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