How Do I Choose the Best Garden Brick?

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The best garden brick will often depend on what you intend to use the brick for. In gardens, brick can be used to create a path, a wall, or even a perimeter edging, which means different types of garden brick will be appropriate for each job. For walkways and pathways, for example, brick pavers may be the best option. Very often these pavers are actually made from concrete that is dyed to look like brick, and there are several advantages to using such pavers instead of true brick. For load-bearing structures, however, true brick is probably best.

Concrete garden brick pavers are usually far less expensive than true brick, and they will be better for placement directly in the ground. Concrete pavers also tend to be much easier to cut and shape, which means it will be possible to create various designs without many specialty tools or skills. If you are trying to improve the aesthetic of your garden without spending a significant amount of money, garden brick pavers made from concrete will be a good choice. They are great for pathways as well as edging, and in some cases they can be used for retaining walls.


If you intend to build load-bearing structures, consider true brick that is laid by a professional, or at the very least in keeping with professional standards. Laying brick can be a difficult task, especially for someone with little or no experience with bricklaying, so consider this carefully before committing to such a project. Structures made from brick tend to be fairly expensive, though once they are built properly, they tend to be exceptionally durable, not to mention very attractive. You can even choose reclaimed brick to get a more rustic look and feel; reclaimed bricks have been used on other structures but are in good enough shape to be reused. They may be pitted, discolored, or otherwise altered, giving the garden brick structures more character.

The color and shape of the garden brick you choose is largely a matter of preference. You should try to choose a shape that will be conducive to building the structures you will be tackling, and the color should be complementary to the surroundings. Most bricks come in a shade of red or brown, though other colors are available. The various colors can significantly alter the look of the landscape, so think carefully about what kind of mood you want for your garden.


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