How do I Choose the Best Gaming and Computer Chair?

G. Wiesen

When you are considering a gaming and computer chair, you should keep in mind the features you want and where you plan to use the chair. If you are looking for a single gaming and computer chair, then you may find it difficult to find one chair that works well for console gaming and computer use. It may be easier to find a comfortable computer chair to use while at your computer, even while gaming, and a separate chair for console gaming with a television.

For games with a controller, you may want to consider a chair with arm rests.
For games with a controller, you may want to consider a chair with arm rests.

A gaming and computer chair is typically a chair designed with a number of features that are useful in conjunction with playing video or computer games. These design features, however, can be somewhat different between console gaming in a living room and gaming at a desk computer. This makes a single gaming and computer chair somewhat impractical, and separate chairs for each environment may be a better option.

Gaming chairs may contain pockets for storing game controllers.
Gaming chairs may contain pockets for storing game controllers.

When looking for a gaming chair, you should consider the different options available, as well as the space you have for the chair. Many gaming chairs include ports for audio input and output, which can allow you to hear the audio from a video game coming from speakers in the chair itself. This can greatly increase the impact such audio has on you while playing, though you should look for a wireless device to prevent tripping hazards while playing.

You may also be able to find a gaming chair that features vibration options for a more immersive gaming experience. Some chairs are specifically designed for use with racing games, including built-in pedals that allow you to more closely replicate the experience of driving while seated in your living room. There are even chairs designed to completely shift gyroscopically while you are playing, to create a more realistic experience while playing racing or flight simulation games.

A computer chair, on the other hand, is often designed for long-term comfort and use, which is why a single gaming and computer chair may be impractical. Many gaming chairs are designed to be placed directly on the floor, without pedestal support, while computer chairs are often raised off the floor. You should look for a computer chair that features an ergonomic design that will allow you to sit in it comfortably for longer periods of time, and you may want to find a chair with armrests and adjustable height and leaning options.

If you prefer to use a laptop computer, then you may be able to find a gaming and computer chair that works for both console gaming and standard computer use. You can easily use such a chair with a laptop tray that acts as a desk or by using the laptop on a short table. A gaming and computer chair with speakers should have standard audio input jacks so you can run the audio from your laptop into the chair for a more immersive experience.

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@Fa5t3r - Actually, the latest research seems to point out that the best thing you can do is forgo having a chair at all and try to stand at your desk. You need to either get a special gaming computer desk, made for standing or set up your computer at the right angle on some boxes or something, but in terms of overall health, it's supposed to be much better to just stand in front of a monitor instead of sitting, no matter how good the chair might be.


@browncoat - It doesn't have to be that expensive either. Not if you shop around and look in every single place that sells chairs. Even online auction sites and in pawn shops.

My chair should cost over $500 and I got it, practically new, for under a hundred from a guy who had got a shipment of them in and then the order fell through.

The only problem is that I tend to sit poorly even in a good chair, but it's still a lot better than what I was using before.

I know it's tempting to go for one of those beanbag video game chairs and they do look like fun, but if you are going to be spending hours and hours at a console I'd have a hunt around for something that will support your spine.


You really don't want to skimp on this. I was having all kinds of issues with my back until I got myself a decent chair with kumbar support. Now I rarely have to think about it and I am at my computer basically all day.

If you're a gamer it's even more important because a lot of gamers get so wrapped up in what they're doing they forget to move at all. In a bad chair you are going to completely wreck your nerves and muscles.

A decent computer gaming chair is worth every penny, believe me.

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