How Do I Choose the Best Front Loading Washing Machine?

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In order to choose the best front loading washing machine, you must make several decisions, including the capacity size, price, color and features of the washer that you would like. It is also necessary to evaluate your laundry needs before shopping, to ensure that you purchase a washer that can hold a load of your laundry. Other factors to consider are cosmetic features, a matching pedestal stand, and the manufacturer's and extended warranties.

Two terms you are likely to encounter when shopping for a front loading washing machine are "high efficiency" and "Energy Star." A high efficiency (HE), washer uses less water and electricity than a washer that is not high efficiency. Energy star is a rating given to certain appliances that are energy efficient and meet several guidelines set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Appliances that have earned the energy star rating can be easily identified by a large yellow sticker on the appliance that displays the projected annual savings. Selecting a washer that has both of these classifications can save you money on your monthly water and electricity costs.


The size of the wash capacity determines how large a load of laundry the machine can accommodate. Size is generally measured in cubic feet (1 cu. foot = 0.028 cu. meters), such as 3.9 cubic feet (approximately .11 cubic meters). The larger the capacity, the larger the load of laundry the machine can hold. Although most front loading washers are relatively similar in size, the actual size can vary by several inches (1 centimeter = 0.39 inches) Measuring the space where the washer will be housed will let you know what size washer will fit in the area.

Price is an important factor to consider since front loading washing machines are generally not inexpensive. Visit several retailers and comparison shop in order to find the best deal. Applicable delivery charges, sales tax, and warranty costs should be included in the total cost when calculating prices. Some retailers may offer free delivery and removal of your exisitng washer, which will save you money and should be taken into consideration when comparing prices.

One of the most popular colors for washing machines is white, but there are plenty of fun and vibrant colors to choose from as well. Black, red, green, and blue are just a few of the colors choices for a front loading washing machine. If your laundry area is visible from the kitchen, you may want a color that matches your other kitchen appliances. Having a separate laundry room gives you the option of choosing any color you like. If you are replacing only your washing machine, you may want to choose one that is similar in shape, style, and color to your existing dryer.

The available features on front loading washers vary from model to model. Some common features include different temperature and care settings, automatic soap, bleach, and fabric softener dispensers, digital displays, and push button controls. A front loading washing machine often sits upon a pedestal which raises the machine up slightly off the floor making it easier to get the clothes in and out. A pedestal is not a necessity for operating the washer but can be a convenient addition, especially if it provides storage. If you wish to purchase a stand for your washer, make sure that it is one that is compatible with your washer and will withstand the weight of the machine sitting on top of it.

Most machines will come with a warranty from the manufacturer. Some warranties are minimal, covering only certain parts for a short period of time. Other warranties can be extensive, covering parts, labor, and a longer time period. Carefully review any included warranty as well as extended warranty options and its cost to determine which will best protect your new front loading washing machine in the event that it needs to be repaired or replaced.


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Post 4

My wife wants a new front loading washing machine and after reading some of the washing machine reviews I am finally on board. My biggest concern about the front loaders is that they don't use enough water to actually get the clothes clean, but according to the reviews I have read this is not a problem.

Post 3

@mobilian33 - You are correct about front loading washing machines sometimes having a bad smell. This is most often caused by mold and mildew that grows in the machine because it does not dry out properly.

You can easily get rid of the smell by cleaning the machine with bleach. It's not very complicated. I leave the door on my machine open just a little after I use it so everything will dry out properly, and I have not had any problem with bad smells in my machine or in my clothes.

Post 2

@Laotionne - I have a top loading large washing machine and I like the way it cleans my clothes, and I like that I can wash a lot of clothes in each load. I don't like having to do two or three small loads when I can do one large one and be done with it.

The biggest complaint I have head about the washing machines of the front load type is that they sometimes build up a foul smell. As if this isn't bad enough, sometimes the odor gets into your clothes and you are walking around not smelling so fresh. This is what I have heard.

Post 1

I'm going with my mother to choose a new washer and dryer for her house this weekend. Her old machines lasted a long time, but they are very dated. Honestly, I am so happy she has decided to replace them. I'm going to try to convince her to buy a front loading washing machine because I think they look so cool and up to date. Does anyone have an opinion on how the the top and front loading washing machines compare to one another?

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