How do I Choose the Best Freestanding Fireplace?

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Freestanding fireplaces are a great way to add the warmth and atmosphere of a roaring fire to just about any space. There are a number of different options for these types of fireplaces, providing buyers with something to fit just about any situation. In order to choose the best freestanding fireplace for your needs, it is necessary to consider location, size, design, and choice of fuels before making a final purchase.

Location is very important to consider when attempting to choose the best freestanding fireplace. In terms of placement, a freestanding fireplace can be set up for use inside or outside. The units can be installed in the home with relative ease and be used to augment the heating system during the winter months. At the same time, the freestanding fireplace can be positioned on a patio as a way of making the space usable even when evenings are cool. Keep in mind that not every unit made for outdoor use will work well in the home, and vice versa.


The size of the freestanding fireplace is another important consideration. As with any major element of a room, you want the fireplace to be sized to scale with the room itself and the furnishings placed in the space. At the same time, there is the practical matter of making sure you choose a unit that will adequately heat the space if necessary. Make some measurements of the room and in area where you envision the freestanding fireplace to reside. That will help you focus on makes and models that will work well with the room.

In order to choose the best freestanding fireplace, you will find it necessary to determine what design will fit in with the décor of the space. Fortunately, fireplaces of this type come in a wide range of styles and designs. You can purchase units with a more traditional appearance or go with something more contemporary. Making the right selection in the design will help to ensure that the unit will enhance the look of the space as well as add to the function.

Your final task is to choose the best freestanding fireplace that utilizes the type of fuel you have in mind. Will the unit burn sections of wood in a manner similar to a standard fireplace? Perhaps you have in mind a gel fireplace that casts light and a small amount of heat with the use of gel inserts. You may prefer to go with an electric fireplace, or even one that features natural gas fittings. There are even freestanding models that function in a manner very much like pellet stoves; if the intended destination of the fireplace is the patio area, something along these lines may be ideal.

While there are several factors to consider, it is possible to choose the best freestanding fireplace for your home by evaluating each consideration in turn. As you move forward with the task, you will begin to focus on makes and models that come closer to meeting all your requirements. Before long, you will have a short list of possible purchases on hand, and can move forward with settling on the best option for your space.


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