How do I Choose the Best Free Mobile Ring Tones?

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Free mobile ring tones are a practical option for cell phone users who wish to save money. By using free mobile ring tones, cell phone users can switch between using many different ring tones without incurring high bills. Consumers interested in using free mobile ring tones should consider whether their phone comes with ring tones already installed, how to add ring tones to their phone and whether they can find their desired ring tones on the Internet or will need to create them.

If a cell phone user wants to use free mobile ring tones, he should first inspect his own phone for ring tone options. Standard cell phones come equipped with ring tones that have already been installed on the phone. Choosing a ring tone from one of the pre-installed options can save memory on the cell phone and can spare a cell phone user the hassle of trying to find, download and transfer third-party ring tones onto his phone. Ring tones that have been pre-installed on a cell phone include those that are monophonic and polyphonic, so recent models, as well as older ones, can be capable of sounding the ring tones.


Cell phone users often wish to use parts of songs as ring tones. While many ring tones made out of song segments can be downloaded from Websites and the cell phone's carrier, these ring tones might come associated with one-time or monthly subscription fees. Users can instead locate free mobile ring tones by conducting an Internet search for them. Some Websites allow users to download these types of ring tones free of charge. Cell phone users will then have to find a way to transfer the ring tones onto their cell phones, such as through a direct connection using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or through an indirect connection such as sending the ring tone through e-mail.

If cell phone users can't find a suitable or appealing ring tone, they might also consider creating their own ring tones. To achieve this, users will have to select a piece of audio that they will want to make into a ring tone. They will then have to download ring tone-making software or upload the sound file to a Website capable of creating ring tones. Users can then manipulate the computer-based or Web-based software to isolate parts of the files they want to function as ring tones, add effects, save the files and then transfer them to their cell phones. Once a ring tone is on located on a cell phone, a user can choose the new ring tone to sound when incoming calls, text messages or other alerts are received.


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Post 3

@irontoenail - Well, with most smart phones, you can either download free mobile ring tones or you can just use a sample of your favorite song and insert it into the settings. It's not exactly difficult and I don't think I'd even pay a dollar for someone to do it for me.

Post 2

@Ana1234 - I remember thinking it was the height of awesome being able to program free mobile ring tones into my phone using the simple music editor they would include. It always ended up sounding awful, but sometimes you could get somewhat close to a well known song or theme.

I'm pretty sure most phone providers will allow you a choice of a bunch of ring tones now, including free ones you can download safely. Or it might be worth paying a dollar or something to get a reputable source of them onto your phone.

I don't pay all that much attention to my ring tone these days, as I've almost always got it on silent anyway. My ring tone is vibrate.

Post 1

The risk with free ring tones is that you might end up with something else on your computer or your phone without intending to put it there.

I remember when I was a kid I was very excited about being able to download free ring tones and smilies and all kinds of other things for my phone, but I quickly realized they were more trouble than they were worth. You almost always end up subscribed to some kind of service that texts you random advertisements or worse and if you downloaded through your computer it's definitely worse.

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