How Do I Choose the Best Free Life Coaching?

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When considering offers of free life coaching, it's a good idea to identify why you want to enter into life coaching. It is also important to review the details of the offer of free life coaching so that you understand whether or not you are taking on any obligation if you agree to a complimentary session. Finally, it is essential that you find out the credentials of the life coach whom you decide to work with. Even if the service is free, you don't want to waste your time by working with an unqualified or incompetent coach.

Some life coaches, particularly those who are just starting their businesses, will offer one or more free life coaching sessions to new customers. While this can be a great opportunity to try out life coaching and to see if you are a good fit with a particular life coach, you should ask about the coach's expectations after you use the free sessions. For example, the coach may want you to agree to several sessions up front with only the first session being free. Unless you are willing to pay for subsequent sessions, you may want to rethink taking advantage of this offer. Some life coaches may spend the bulk of your free life coaching session trying to sell you on their services rather than offering any genuine coaching, so be sure to ask about what you can expect from the free session.


Other opportunities for free life coaching may come from those who are training to be life coaches. As a condition of receiving free life coaching, you may be asked to participate in the evaluation of the trainee life coach. While this can be a great opportunity to receive free services, you may not receive the same quality of service that you would from an experienced life coach.

As life coaches are generally not licensed, you may have to rely on the professional reputation and certification of a specific life coach in order to determine whether he is qualified to offer coaching services. Ask about training, certification, and whether he participates in continuing education activities. You may also want to contact noted life coaching professional organizations in your area to see if they can recommend life coaches to you. These coaches may or may not offer free life coaching to new clients, so be sure to ask if there are any discounts or trials available to new clients.


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