How Do I Choose the Best Fracture Clinic?

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The best fracture clinic meets your needs regarding the type of injury you have, the location of the facility and the cost of treatment. There are many specialized fracture clinics available so, to a certain extent, your injury will determine the best clinic to choose. If you have a serious fracture, it might be necessary to seek out specific care for your injury that is not in your area. Otherwise, many hospitals have fracture clinics where X-rays are performed, bones are set into place, and surgeries are performed. In some cases, your primary care physician will refer you to a fracture clinic.

When you initially go to the hospital or to your physician about a fracture, he or she likely will refer you to a location to receive treatment if it cannot be done at his or her facility. This is a good way to choose a fracture clinic, because physicians generally are knowledgeable about medical treatments in the area where they practice. If you do not have a regular physician or are not comfortable with his or her suggestion, you can find a fracture clinic on your own.


When determining the best place to go, you should consider the type of injury you have and look for a clinic that specializes in that type of treatment. There are fracture clinics that focus on hips, for example, so if you are experiencing a different sort of injury, that would not be the best place to choose. Many clinics have their specializations in their name, so look for a place that is known for your type of fracture. You can ask to speak with people who have undergone treatment at the fracture clinic to find out about their experience. The cost at a specialized clinic might be prohibitive for some people, so make sure to find out the types of fees that are charged.

Many local hospitals have fracture clinics within them, so if you do not want to travel out of your area, check with a nearby hospital to see whether there is a fracture clinic there. Make an appointment to speak with a physician at the clinic and talk to him or her about the problems you are having and the results you would like to see. If you feel comfortable with the answers you receive, you might not need to go elsewhere to seek treatment.


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