How Do I Choose the Best Foundation for Olive Skin?

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Selecting a good foundation for your skin is important to keep you looking your best. Foundation provides a neutral canvas on which to apply your makeup and helps even out your facial complexion. The unusual gold and green undertones of olive skin can make it difficult to choose the best foundation for olive skin. Thus, matching your skin’s natural olive complexion is essential when purchasing any foundation product. Some other things that might help you choose the best foundation for olive skin are testing them before buying them, mixing foundation colors together, choosing foundation that is designed for your skin type and seeking help from a professional.

When shopping for a foundation for olive skin, it is a good idea to test the foundation's appearance before purchasing it. This can be done by applying a small amount of foundation to your wrist and checking it in broad daylight to see whether it is a match. If the foundation is barely visible when applied, then it is the correct color. If it is too dark or light, you will need to try again. Foundation also should be tested on the hand to verify that it will not cause an allergic reaction, after which it can be applied to the face or lower jaw.


Another option for choosing the best foundation for olive skin is to purchase two foundation colors and mix them together. Remember that liquid foundation might appear darker in the bottle than on your skin. Foundations containing sunscreen can offer an additional bonus because they provide excellent coverage and protect your skin from the sun.

Many foundations on the market are made for specific skin types. The four main groups of skin types are normal, oily, dry and combination skin. Sensitive skin can be problematic when choosing a foundation because it can get irritated or experience allergic reactions. Before making any purchase, be sure that you choose a foundation that is appropriate not only for your skin's color tone but also for your skin type.

If finding the best foundation for olive skin still evades you, consider visiting a professional makeup artist. Many chain stores have trained employees whose sole purpose is to help you look your best. Although this route might be more costly than simply purchasing a bottle of foundation from the local pharmacy, if the color is correct, you might get more value for your money.


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Post 3

@literally-- You could get a lighter and darker liquid foundation and mix them together at home in a new container. Or try mineral foundation, I think mineral foundation matches skin tones better.

Post 2

@literally-- I'm of Italian origin and I have the same problem. The skin tone ranges are too limited, especially if you get your makeup from the drug store. If you can afford it, get your foundation from the makeup counter or from makeup stores at the mall.

Most high-end makeup brands have their own makeup line for olive skin. They can try different tones on your skin to see which one matches best. You can usually also take a sample with you to try for a week.

Also, don't forget that like all skin tones, people with olive skin also have different undertones-- cool or warm. If some foundations look too red for your skin, that means you have a cool undertone. You need to make sure that the foundation you get has the same undertone as you. Otherwise, it will be very difficulty to find a tone that matches you.

Post 1

I have a medium olive skin tone and I have the hardest time finding liquid foundation in my tone. The tone ranges are too limited for people with medium skin tones. Most liquid foundations are either too light, too dark or too red for me.

I usually end up settling for the slightly lighter skin tone liquid foundation and then I use a darker powder foundation to give my face a more natural look.

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