How Do I Choose the Best Formula for Colic?

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In many cases, the right baby formula can treat colic in babies, providing a huge relief to parents. Of course, this means that you will likely have to try out a few formulas before finding the best one for your baby, so it is helpful to have some guidelines to consider while choosing. One type of formula for colic contains proteins from cow's milk that are broken into small pieces to make digesting it easier. Unfortunately, some babies have a hard time digesting anything made with cow's milk, in which case you should consider trying a soy-based formula. If this type still does not help, hypoallergenic formula might be the best option for your baby, as it is formulated for those with particularly sensitive stomachs.

Most formula is made with cow's milk, since the majority of babies can digest it just fine. Some babies with colic are not bothered by the source of the milk, but cannot comfortably digest the proteins within it. For this reason, some types of formula for colic contain proteins that are broken down more than the typical kind, which can help the baby digest it without having to cry in pain. Consider switching to this kind for about a week, as it may take this long to work.


If you do not see improvement within a week, this may signal that your baby is bothered by cow's milk in general, in which case you may need to switch to a soy-based formula. There are a few on the market to choose from, but you may notice that they are also more expensive than the kind with cow's milk. For this reason, consider purchasing a small container of this kind of formula for colic to ensure that the problem really lies with the cow's milk formula; your child's pediatrician may even be able to give you some samples for free. If the baby responds positively to soy-based formula within about a week, you will know that this is the best formula for colic for your child.

On the other hand, your baby might still seem fussy after trying the soy-based product, which may signal a need for a hypoallergenic formula. This kind of formula for colic is made for babies with very sensitive stomachs, as it is difficult for them to digest nearly any type of formula. Hypoallergenic formula usually leaves out additives, such as lactose and sucrose, allowing babies with even the most sensitive digestive systems to enjoy this kind of formula. Though this type of formula is often the most expensive one on the market, you can usually find coupons, generic brands, or free samples that help make it more affordable.


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