How do I Choose the Best Foaming Cleanser?

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With all of the different cleansers that are available, choosing a great foaming cleanser can be difficult. Before purchasing any cleanser, consider three crucial things: skin type, medicated or non-medicated, and target body part. Begin searching for a cleanser by determining skin-type.

As a general rule, foaming cleansers tend to dry skin more than other cleansers do. A person who already has dry skin will not benefit from a drying skin cleanser. Further, people who use acne treatments may not want to purchase a foaming cleanser, since the two products combined may result in extra-dry skin. Instead, cleansing lotions and bars may be a better choice.

While some people claim that bar soap are rough on skin, this is not necessarily true. Some bar soaps are perfectly fine for all types of skin. Bars that contain a large amount of lotion may be gentle enough to cleanse skin without causing irritations or blemishes. Once skin type has been determined, deciding between non-medicated or medicated cleansers is the next step.

Medicated facial cleansers usually contain sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid. These additives help to eliminate breakouts, while also cleansing skin thoroughly. Acne cleansers of this type are available over-the-counter or by prescription. People who are already using a prescription acne cleanser should not use an over-the-counter acne cleanser. When the two products are combined, the result can be skin that is too dry.


Finally, choose a cleanser that was meant specifically for face or body. Total body cleansers should not be used on the face or neck area. Since facial and neck skin is thinner than other skin, using a rough cleanser on these areas can contribute to the aging and irritation of skin. Therefore, choosing the right kind of cleanser for the right body part is important.

In addition to all of the factors mentioned above, be sure to select any kind of foaming cleanser based upon the product, not the price. While there are some expensive facial products on the market, these products are not necessarily better for skin. Instead, select the products that work best. Sometimes expensive products do work better, but often regular drugstore brands will provide the same results. Many people have to try a number of different cleansers before the right one can be discovered, and this is an effective way to find a great skin product.

Those who are unsure of the right foaming cleanser to purchase may want to consult a licensed dermatologist. These medical professionals can often select effective products based upon a person's specific skin-type. In addition, a dermatologist will be able to determine whether or not a person is currently using the best possible skin products.


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