How Do I Choose the Best Flower Pot Holder?

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Suspending flower pots from fences, overhead beams, railings, or other fixed objects will almost always require a flower pot holder, which is essentially a rigid frame that can support the weight of a loaded flower pot. Choosing the best flower pot holder starts with determining how large of a flower pot you will be using, as well as what materials that pot is made from. Clay pots tend to be heavy, but plastic ones can be much lighter; this will affect how strong of a holder you will need.

Start by choosing the materials for the flower pot holder. These frames can be made from metal, wood, vinyl, or other rigid materials. Choosing the best materials will be a matter of determining both strength and aesthetic values; each material will have a different appearance and durability level. Certain types of metal are most commonly used because they tend to be strong and attractive. A galvanized steel flower pot holder, for example, can be reasonably attractive, durable, and resistant to rust and corrosion, making it a great choice for outdoor use. Such holders often feature mounts that will allow you to secure the holder to a fence or other structure with screws. Some holders even feature hooks so the holder can simply be hooked over a beam or fence.


The location in which you intend to place the flower pot will also have an impact on which unit will be best for you. Some holders are designed to work with a specific type of mount; a hanging holder, for example, may be designed to work with a hook that is screwed into an overhead beam in a ceiling. Other holders may feature their own hooks that can be placed over a fence or railing. Still others may be designed to hang from a wall. Think carefully about where the flower pots will be placed to get a good idea of what type of holder will work best.

Of course, the size of the opening in the flower pot holder will have the biggest impact on its usability. It must be large enough to accept the size of flower pot you intend to use, but not so large that the pot runs the risk of falling through. The frame should fit snugly around the flower pot and hold it steady, even when shaken or shifted, and there should be no other openings that might allow the pot to fall through the frame.


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